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New series of AEB White Papers highlights potential for freight management optimisation

·Reducing costs through efficient freight management
·First White Paper: "Three paths to efficient freight invoice auditing

Optimising transport management can help reduce freight costs by up to 35 percent, says software developer AEB (International) Ltd. The company has announced a new series of white papers that focus on the administrative processes of transport management and demonstrate how to identify and realise savings. The white papers can be downloaded from http://www.aeb-international.co.uk/news/whitepaper/order-whitepaper-freight.php.

The first white paper in the series, titled "Three Paths to Efficient Freight Invoice Auditing," describes how companies can best organise their freight invoice auditing. By and large there are three options: manual freight invoice auditing, outsourcing the auditing process, or automation (i.e. by using software). Each option has its own unique pros and cons. But whichever approach a company chooses, the key to success lies in standardising processes and defining rules for freight invoice auditing. This can yield significant savings and streamline processes throughout the supply chain.

AEB’s future white papers on freight management optimisation will address the following topics:

1. Operative measures with immediate impact: optimising freight management through smart freight cost calculation and carrier integration
2. Tenders, contract negotiations and simulations: how to achieve successful long-term partnerships with transport service provider
3. Reallocating freight costs: automatic allocation of costs to controlling accounts, cost centres, departments, and products

"Transport costs are a major issue for logistics managers, not least due to the sharp rise in fuel prices in recent years," says Iqubal Pannu, Senior Solutions Consultant at AEB (International) Ltd. "While they have traditionally focused on operations, many businesses still neglect the tremendous potential for optimisation that exists within the administrative processes. Our series of white papers wants to provide businesses with the guidance needed to help them identify and explore this potential."

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