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New space-efficient storage system

A new racking installation completed by Pro-Dek Storage Systems has considerably increased storage volumes and picking efficiency at a 5000m² warehouse operated by Plaslyne, one of the UK's largest distributors of plastic building products.

The installation, which was completed on a two-week fast-track schedule, was designed to accommodate a wide variety of pallets and stillages with maximum space-efficiency, while ensuring the most popular product lines could be accessed quickly by staff in response to customers' orders. Altogether, the warehouse can now accommodate around 650 stillages of three different types on cantilever racking, 450 pallets on beam-type racking and 200 stillages block-stacked.

Previously all stillages had been block-stacked up to eight high, with orders being picked by staff on step-ladders. Replacing empty stillages was extremely time-consuming and interrupted picking schedules, especially at busy periods.

The new racking installation from Pro-Dek has given a separate specific location for each stillage and pallet, identifiable on the warehouse computer and easy for staff to find. The most commonly ordered products are nearest the floor, and stillages can also by replaced without delay when they are empty.

The stillage racking has columns up to 7.5 metres high, with arm spacings giving up to eight vertical positions to allow for the different stillage designs. Arms are adjustable in 76mm increments, using a lock-pin system. The stillages are handled by four-way trucks, and floor-fixed rail guidance has been provided to allow the trucks to be driven at reasonable speeds without damage.

For pallet storage Pro-Dek re-positioned and integrated existing equipment with new Pro-Dek racking to create a structure six metres high with three storage levels that can accommodate some 450 standard pallets. This racking is also fully decked to provide the flexibility to accommodate pallets of different sizes with maximum space-efficiency.

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