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New space-saving storage system for bulk packaging materials and components

Industrial storage systems specialist Couzens Storage Solutions has launched a new vertical lift system for storing bulk packaging and industrial materials and components, called TowerMat. Able to take individual items up to five tonne and 8.5m in length, TowerMat is the ideal storage and handling solution for materials such as reels, metal and foil sheet, profiles and sections, as well as tooling, jigs and other large and awkwardly shaped items. The system is manufactured in Germany by Intertex, a specialist carousel manufacturer with more than 5000 installations worldwide.

Using a series of vertically stacked heavy duty trays, TowerMat occupies the minimum foot print while making maximum use of often-neglected overhead space up to 12m high. Any stock item can be easily and quickly selected ready for mechanical handling and transport. As well as providing secure and protected storage, TowerMat can be linked to IT systems for real time and accurate stock management and control.

Unlike conventional vertical lift systems, TowerMat can be supplied with multiple stacks which, by reaching as far as required along the warehouse length, hold more trays, while still operating with a single lift mechanism. Multiple tray configurations may comprise both single and double sided columns, where the lift mechanism enters the store from above, keeping space to a minimum.

New space-saving storage system..
Each tray is individually accessed and selected from either side of the operating aisle, taken to the top of the system then transferred to either end of the TowerMat unit for presenting to a picking station. Trays can be designed to present materials for handling by fork truck, gantry crane or hoist, to suit the individual application.

Tray support rails are set at agreed heights to suit the materials or components stored, but can be repositioned at any time, making TowerMat a very flexible storage solution. As well as providing a choice of standard tray lengths, widths and capacities with a total load per unit of 300 tonnes, any unit can be tailored to the customer's individual requirements.

Couzens Storage Solutions is able to offer a variety of options to link TowerMat with IT systems to provide powerful and effective stock management control and security. Using a PC display the operator can receive picking instructions and confirm goods movements, updating central records and providing stock movement data. Security passwords and card readers can be used to ensure that only authorised staff are able to access the equipment.

The system can provide either a standalone operation or be designed to work within a company network environment. Links to the customer's host computer are possible using either a standard interface protocol or bespoke methods. With a standalone installation all data is held locally at each storage unit, offering a straightforward and effective solution for simple parts management. Standard features include the ability to drive to a location, pick by part number, list or description, replenish stock, ensure FIFO picking, ensure full traceability and flag up minimum and maximum stock levels.
Couzens Storage Solutions specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of horizontal and vertical carousels, heavy duty and high density tray storage lift systems, to meet virtually every demand for fast and efficient product storage and retrieval.

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