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New stand-on truck Linde E10 All-rounder for one ton of payload

New stand-on truck Linde E10 – All-rounder for one ton of payload

It is versatile, can move goods weighing up to one tonne and even fits into a freight elevator: the new Linde E10 stand-on electric truck. With this new offering, Linde Material Handling is expanding its range of industrial trucks with a flexible vehicle featuring numerous comfort and safety functions.

In almost every industry there are transport tasks that require a particularly narrow, short and, often, lightweight industrial truck that can fit into a freight elevator, for example. Available with a choice of a lead-acid or lithium-ion battery, the new Linde E10 with it’s one tonne load capacity is just such an all-rounder for everyday logistics. Only slightly wider than a euro pallet, it fits into even the narrowest of aisles and, with a turning radius of just 1,317 millimeters, is able to maneuver in the tightest of spaces.

Reliable material flow – designed to meet customer needs

As the vehicle is designed for frequent on/off applications, it has no seat, but does offer a padded backrest. The operator can access the truck from either side, hardly having to lift his feet due to the low step. Standard equipment includes automatic speed reduction in curves and as well as a dead man’s switch integrated into the floor mat: For safety, the truck only moves when the operator is standing on the floor plate.

Ergonomics, safety and driving comfort are closely related

The layout of the operator’s cab is functional without compromising comfort. Ergonomically arranged operating controls and narrow overhead guard struts and mast profiles ensure maximum freedom of movement and excellent visibility of the load and surroundings. The vibration-isolated operator’s platform absorbs shocks to enhance operator comfort and reduce fatigue to retain concentration. In cases where frequent operation in reverse is a necessity, the truck can be equipped with a second set of operating controls to reduce strain on the operator’s upper body. Moreover, the operator’s right arm can rest on a wide padded armrest for further convenience.

Optional equipment includes a protective armoured glass roof that provides unrestricted upward visibility and protection against falling objects, and the Linde BlueSpot and Linde TruckSpot safety systems that warn pedestrians of danger by means of signals projected onto the ground. Other options such as cold store protection, fork tilt, integral sideshift and fork positioning carriages are also available.

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