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New Stertil Stokvis RapidRoll high speed shutter door for Tyco Electronics Loading bay

Stertil Stokvis has removed an outdated door for component manufacturer Tyco Electronics, replacing it with a RapidRoll 3000L. The new, high-speed door has transformed the area previously serviced by the old door, which was in a poor
state of repair and could only be operated manually.

Stertil Stokvis installed a RapidRoll 3000L, a high-speed hybrid of the popular 3000 security shutter door incorporating alternate transparent laths to allow natural light through. The fast-action door moves at speeds up to 2.5 metres per second, allowing high volume use. In fact, during the first two weeks after installation, the new door had over 2000 operations.

Stertil’s RapidRoll 3000L is designed for high-traffic areas where fast operating speed and frequency of use are major considerations. A lightweight curtain of alternating aluminium and clear PVC sections provides the door with a large through-vision area. Stertil’s unique DiscDrive mechanism prevents the door profiles touching during operation, limiting both noise and wear and promoting a long life.

"The new door has transformed the working area around it," enthuses Nigel Leat of Tyco Electronics. "It’s faster and more reliable than the old door and the transparent PVC laths have been particularly effective, letting in much more natural light than before."

"Both our sales and installation departments have a very good working relationship with Tyco," says Andrew Georgiou of Stertil Stokvis. "This means we’ve also been contracted to carry out routine maintenance at the site, as well as reactive breakdown cover."

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