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New storage offering is greater than the sum of the parts

Company merger combines leading product range with benchmark service offering
Following the recent announcement of the merger between Kardex and Megamat, the first product to take advantage of the combined power of the two industry giants is now available from Kardex.

The Megamat Carousel, proven in a raft of industry applications, is now available from Kardex, the World's leading provider of advanced picking and distribution technology. As a result of the merger, the Megamat range can now also take advantage of Kardex's impressive worldwide sales and service program.

Comprising four models, the Carousel range offers a carrier load range from 180 to 650kg and a gross load capability between 5,000 and 15,000kg. The universal design of the carriers gives users an immense amount of flexibility, offering a choice of duty loads, while the demi-roof construction provides load security and additional strength. Carriers can be configured to offer direct storage, to house transport bins or to store customer-specific boxes, totes or containers. Their depth, width, and height can be tailored using dividers and drawers and hinged drawer fronts can also be specified as can transparent boxes for small parts and components.

Designed for medium- to high-speed picking applications, the Carousel models offer a range of benefits. Users can take advantage of the vertical real-estate within their storage areas, while making the most efficient use of available floor space. The range can also span a number of floors, with picking points at each level. The high-speed, high-density design increases storage capacity while also increasing productivity. In addition, short picking times are further enhanced due to the unit's ability to optimise picking paths – by keeping the most often accessed components nearer each other and nearer the picking point. They can be installed as a single unit or networked to cater for future expansion plans. In both cases, advanced PowerPick software allows the units to communicate in real time with leading ERP and MRP systems.

Designed using the goods-to-man principle, the unit's circulating shelves can store a range of components of varying sizes, and present them at a picking window placed in an ergonomic position. From a safety perspective, the units feature safety light barriers or contact strips and a product protection system can be specified that prevent operation should any products protrude into the working envelope of the internal mechanism.

Richard Price, business development manager at Kardex explains: “The merger of the two companies creates an immense amount of synergy. The beauty of it is that customers will get the best of both worlds – they get to choose from a greater range of class-leading storage hardware while also having the ability to take advantage of our significant worldwide service operations.”

The carousel range:


180kg Carrier Load

5,000kg Gross Load


220kgs Carrier Load

6,500kgs Gross Load


350kgs Carrier Load

10,000kg Gross Load


650kgs Carrier Load

15,000kg Gross Load

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