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New strapper meets needs of the corrugated cardboard industry

Mosca has launched a strapping machine specially developed to meet the needs of the corrugated cardboard industry.

Designed to strap large-format products for secure transportation, the new Mosca EVOLUTION SoniXs TRC-6 combines the company’s proven SoniXs ultrasonic sealing technology with a compact design and easy access for cleaning and maintenance, made possible by a new Standard-6 strap path system which can be easily disassembled and reassembled without tools.

As a result, the cost-effective EVOLUTION SoniXs TRC-6 delivers extremely reliable, high-quality strapping of up to 28 strapped packages per minute on a standard-size frame with a passage width of 1650mm, and up to 25 packages per minute on the largest passage width of 2600mm.

The machine’s simple tool-free disassembly capability simplifies maintenance, cleaning and repairs. The removable roller-table makes it easy to access the inner workings of the machine – if required the table can be unlocked and completely detached for direct access to all core components from above.

In operation, the EVOLUTION SoniXs TRC-6 straps packages on the conveyor transversely to the direction of transport. The pneumatic hold down device is integrated into the frame, enhancing the machine’s compact uncluttered design. It can be manually fixed at a specific height before the start of the strapping cycle to ensure maximum performance regardless of package height.

Safe to operate without separate protection, and easy for operators to use with minimal training, the machine comes labelled with a CE marking.

Mosca’s patented SoniXs ultrasonic sealing units require no warm-up time and are extremely energy-efficient as energy is only consumed at the moment the strap ends are sealed. The welded seam offers more than 80 percent of the tensile strength of the strap, making it exceptionally strong and stable.

An optional double strap dispenser reduces downtime. Instead of a single strap coil, the EVOLUTION SoniXs TRC-6 works with two coils. As soon as one coil is empty, a second feeding unit in the machine automatically takes up the second coil. The empty coil can be changed while the machine remains in operation, avoiding costly down time.

Additionally, customers can opt to have a package stop integrated to align the package on the conveyor. This ensures the strapping is perfectly positioned on the corrugated blank and simplifies downstream processing for accurate, fully automated palletising. MSCB-1 controls make machine operation easy via buttons and digital display.

The launch of the EVOLUTION SoniXs TRC-6 marks another step by Mosca towards increasing standardisation across its machine ranges. And with more than 5,000 of its predecessor model sold since 1987, Mosca says demand today remains unabated.

Christian Zwieb, responsible for product management at Mosca GmbH explains: “The market is extremely practical when it comes to strapping corrugated cardboard products. These machines are extremely easy to operate and offer minimal downtime.”

Mosca GmbH is a system supplier, developer and producer of high-quality strapping machines, strapping materials and safety systems for transporting goods for professional and industrial use. The machine portfolio ranges from universal devices with a wide range of applications to fully automated, high-performance machines that can be integrated into any higher-level automated line.

Along with machine production, Mosca produces its own PP and PET strapping materials in one of the most modern plastic extrusion sites in Europe.

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