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New SwingLift FV995 vehicle mounted crane introduced by Penny Hydraulics

The new SwingLift FV995 vehicle mounted crane has been introduced by Penny Hydraulics to meet demand from customers for a fully hydraulic crane with near one-tonne maximum working load but who do not want or need the added cost and complexity demanded by the new EN12999 regulations. These stipulate that any cranes with a maximum working load of 1000kg or over must have additional sensors and interlocks to remain compliant.

"Many customers with workaday handling requirements do not encounter the maximum working loads that would lead to EN12999 being relevant," says Richard Short, Sales Director at Penny Hydraulics. "Nor do they need the added complexity and potential reliability issues that computer controlled systems offered by some to comply with the new legislation would bring. However they do want the performance to handle a wide range of loads safely, simply and economically. By modifying one of our proven crane designs we can offer these customers a highly reliable alternative that is simple to specify and use on their commercial vehicles."

The new A3 amendment of the EN12999 European Standard for loader cranes includes the requirement that units with a maximum working load of 1000kg or more must be fitted with interlocks to monitor the main support/stabiliser legs and interlocks to prevent load handling when they are not deployed correctly. Further sensors must be used to show when stabilisers and crane are stowed for travelling. A visual and audible warning must be visible from the transport driving position to alert the operator when these conditions are not met.

The new SwingLift FV995 crane has a maximum working load of 995kg and has been designed to complement existing models in the versatile SwingLift range. Because its maximum working load is below 1000kg it does not require the additional interlocks demanded by the EN12999 European Standard but like all SwingLift cranes still comes with load sensing and limiting devices as standard. Compact design, robust construction and light weight ensure it can be installed on a wide range of commercial vehicles to provide reliable and flexible load handling capabilities that reduce or eliminate the need for manual handling, promote productivity and allow operators to comply with health and safety regulations.

Self contained hydraulics with a choice of remote or proportional static controls provide full slew rotation, powered boom extension with hydraulic raise and lower for controlled, precise, safe handling and all round access to loads. This helps to ensure that there are no unexpected or sudden movements from the crane or load, even when the vehicle is parked on uneven ground. Hydraulic boom extension, combined with a range of optional manual extensions, eliminates the need to climb on the vehicle or approach the crane to adjust its reach for improved productivity and greater safety. The addition of an optional hydraulic or electric winch enables the crane to raise and lower loads below ground level, for example to support utility maintenance and engineering tasks.

The crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 995kg at 1.5 metres with the boom fully retracted, but can also handle a generous 550kg when the boom is extended to 2.5 metres and 200kg at full 4.3 metre extension. This means that the SwingLift FV995 can handle a wide range of loads to either side or rear of the vehicle wherever it is mounted on the chassis. Fixed proportional controls or a wander lead with simple push button controls enables operators to remain well away from the lifting area when handling loads for ultimate safety. Like all SwingLift cranes it incorporates a patented overload protection device.

Compact design and an overall weight of under 200kg in standard configuration ensures that the SwingLift FV955 can be installed without unduly affecting load carrying capacity. It folds down when not in use to leave clear and unobstructed access to the vehicle and load space. A choice of 12 or 24V power enables simple installation by connection to the existing vehicle battery. The unique mounting socket fitting allows the crane to be transferred between vehicles.

The FV995 complements existing Swing Lift cranes in the Penny Hydraulics range and is designed to comply with all major health and safety and load handling regulations including PUWER and LOLER. Penny Hydraulics offers a nationwide training and after sales service and can also supply cranes ready for installation by vehicle body builders at their own premises.

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