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New technology removes 100 percent of contaminants

UVPS Environmental Solutions Ltd, a spin out of The Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, has developed a product which removes 100% of contaminants from waste
discharges such as produced water from an oil rig or industrial waste waters. In addition the company is celebrating the commissioning of its first commercial unit to North East of Scotland based company Sureclean Ltd as part of a joint industry project supported by Scottish Enterprise Grampian.

The Advanced Water Treatment System (AWTS) developed by UVPS is the culmination of extensive research carried out by Professor Peter Robertson at RGU's Centre
for Research in Energy and the Environment (CREE) and the use of Sureclean's wide experience in the Industrial sector. This research was supported by
Scottish Enterprise through the Proof of Concept Fund. The proven, patented technology can provide solutions for the destruction of contaminants such as hydrocarbons in produced water, synthetic based fluids, waste production / processing chemicals, hydrocarbon and chemical spills, volatile organic
compounds (VOC) and nitrogen oxides (NOx).

Kourosh Bassiti, Chairman and CEO of UVPS said “Existing technologies remove approximately 92% of contaminants from produced water on an oil rig. The UVPS
system is 100% effective and has applications in many industries, including the oil and gas, food and drinks, water treatment as well as healthcare. As a result
we harbour high expectations that the technology will become accepted best practice for contaminant removal throughout the industrial fields.”

John Barron, Managing Director of Sureclean added “We continually look at new technologies to enhance our service range, and were delighted to be involved in
the design of the SAWTS. We feel it will compliment our existing waste treatment services such as our Sureclean Inclined Plate Clarifier (SIPC) and Sureclean
Sludge Separation System (SSSS). The SAWTS can also be utilised as a polishing unit for oily water and sewage treatments or as a disinfection treatment to raw
water treatment plant, and, due to specific industry led design features, we can offer our clients the option of onsite treatments, adding value in terms of cost and time savings.”

The technology uses an activated catalyst in the presence of ultraviolet light to remove and destroy a wide range of dissolved chemicals, pesticides, micro-
organisms and other toxins, which have so far been difficult or prohibitively expensive to treat.

Changes in EC legislation will eventually result in some purification treatments
being phased out (e.g.
chlorination) and other commonly used technologies unable
to meet new legislation for specific contaminant discharge consents. The technology developed by UVPS offers an extremely cost-effective solution to many issues faced by companies in the oil, chemical, food and drink, health and water sectors. The AWTS modules can also include a range of sensor packages to ensure the purity of the treated water.

An Open Day at Sureclean's Aberdeen depot to view the SAWTS is to be held on October the 26th starting at 2.00pm. For further information on the technology
or the Open Day, please contact Vinod Ramachandran of Sureclean on 01349 884480 or visit www.sureclean.co.uk . Alternatively contact Neil Foster on 01224 262693 or visit

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