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New Temperature Sensors now available from Lamerholm

Lamerholm is pleased to announce the launch of the ShockWatch range of temperature-sensitive environmental indicators. These new temperature sensors are designed to provide a reliable indication of temperature fluctuations for goods in transit and storage. Both ColdMark and WarmMark ideally complement Lamerholm's existing range of impact and tilt detectors and the company can now offer a comprehensive range of monitoring labels for goods in transit or storage.

The new products are small, easy to use sensors that can be applied to any clean, dry surface. Through their unique design, they provide indisputable visual evidence of exposure to unacceptable temperature levels. The tamper-proof indicators are available for a wide variety of temperature thresholds.

ColdMark activates when exposed to temperatures below a predetermined
level and comes in four temperature activation levels: -3ºC, 0ºC, +5ºC and +10ºC. Activation occurs when the product has been exposed to unacceptable temperatures for 30 minutes or more.

WarmMark uses a proprietary technique to clearly indicate when the item has been exposed to temperatures above a predetermined threshold. Response temperature ranges for WarmMark are -18ºC to +37ºC, +10ºC to +34ºC and +10ºC to +25ºC.

Other WarmMark products include the Duo that monitors the duration of
exposure of a product above two activation temperature levels and the
Long Run that allows for a longer exposure to temperatures above the
threshold level.

Not only do these new indicators provide irreversible evidence that items have been exposed to temperatures outside acceptable limits, but they also alleviate safety concerns surrounding bacterial growth, infection and contamination while a shipment is in transit. This makes these products ideal for monitoring both fresh and frozen food, pharmaceutical and medical products as well as other temperature-sensitive items such as electronic components and chemicals.

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