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New training for ABP transporters

Handlers and transporters of animal by-product are set to benefit from new industry-approved low-cost training designed to maximise the value of the fifth quarter and reduce by-product downgrades.

The new transport modules, accredited by Lantra Awards, are an extension of the already successful online training programme aimed at abattoirs, butchers, food manufactures and farmers. Heavily subsidised and produced by Fabra, the Foodchain and Biomass Renewables Association which represents the majority of UK renderers and animal by-product processors, the modules and assessments are delivered by online training specialists Beacon Synergy.

"Transport is an important link in the meat chain," explains Fabra chief executive Stephen Woodgate. "The work of those who collect and transport material impacts upon ABP quality when it reaches processing plants and, through the documentation they carry, on its traceability."

"The transport modules, like all our training, are designed to deliver maximum benefit for minimum investment. They cost relatively little per person to complete, can be done online to keep operational downtime to a minimum, and rely heavily on graphics in a bid to be accessible to all, irrespective of academic ability or command of English language."

"Fabra is committed to promoting the value of the fifth quarter. In the long term, initiatives such as this training help the meat chain maximise the volume, quality and value of category 3 by-product, and find markets where its nutritional, economic and environmental value is recognised."

For more information and to see the training trailer visit www.fabraeducation.co.uk or email Nikki Sargent at Beacon Synergy at training@fabra.co.uk.

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