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New Trakm8 Secure vehicle theft protection system

Vehicle fleets will be more secure as leading vehicle telematics manufacturer Trakm8 have launched Trakm8 Secure designed to ensure owners have the ultimate peace of mind in terms of asset protection and traceability.

Theft of vehicles is an everyday risk for all, but to a company it has a financial impact as well as effecting service levels. Many insurance policies cover the physical cost of the equipment but not loss of earnings, the sheer time factor to sort out the issue and the frustration of missing customer expectations. Therefore, proper security measures need to be in place for the protection of the company.

Trakm8 Secure includes a wide range of alerts and immobilisation features to protect vehicles from theft.

If managers suspect a vehicle has been stolen it can be immobilised online. It is just one of the innovative functions on Trakm8’s new product.

Alerts available on the package include tremble, shield breach, entry and exit from a designated area and the heartbeat feature which alerts users if the unit loses power. Managers will have the information they require at their finger tips as alerts can be sent on screen, through e-mail or even by SMS at any time of the day or night.

Paul Wilson, Sales Director at Trakm8, said: ‘Many customers with plant or construction vehicles have complained that there are no tracking solutions that allow them to be proactive on security. We have listened to them and created Trakm8 Secure to meet their needs. It is packed full of innovative, proactive, features that alerts a fleet manager the moment anything happens to their vehicles.’

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