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New truck shoe protects warehouse staff during loading

French safety specialist SERV Trayvou Interverrouillage (STI) has launched a new truck shoe to guarantee the safety of warehouse personnel during loading or unloading procedures.

In the face of an ever-growing volume of road transport, the safety and speed with which articulated lorries are loaded and unloaded is now a very serious business. A driver in too much of a hurry or a trailer that is poorly positioned in the loading bay risks causing a life-threatening injury to warehouse staff.

STI’s new truck shoe removes this risk by immobilising lorries in the loading bay until loading or unloading has been completed.

The product is easy to use: locking the shoe onto a lorry’s wheel frees a key which, when inserted into another lock – either mechanical or electromechanical – opens a door or gate, or permits operation of a dock leveller, valve or pump. The lorry’s wheel can only be freed by returning the key to the shoe’s lock. Until loading or unloading is finished, the safety of warehouse personnel and the immobilisation of the lorry are guaranteed.

STI’s truck shoe is suitable for tyres from 205mm to 455mm in width. The shoe’s body is made of aluminium and the lock is stainless steel, ensuring that the product remains unaffected by harsh weather conditions. In addition, two rollers allow the shoe to be easily moved into place, and a stop sign warns the driver that it is attached to the wheel.

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