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New UltraBot IE Robotic Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS)

The new UltraBot IETM robotic automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) from Integrated Systems Design (ISD) efficiently delivers totes, boxes and cases to one or more high-speed order picking workstations in support of a wide range of order handling applications in operations. UltraBot IE systems will hit 1440 transactions per hour or more.

The UltraBot IE inserter/extractor moves up and down the front of two or three tiered horizontal carousels automatically retrieving order items as it goes. It delivers them to a conveyor and unloads them for routing to batch picking or dynamic batching workstations where orders can be buffered until the operator requires that pick. Completed orders are automatically taken from the workstation and routed to the next workstation or zone for further processing.

The modular flexibility of the UltraBot IE ASRS allows it to accommodate many types and sizes of cartons and totes up to 36" in applications that include order picking and fulfillment, order consolidation, returns and reverse logistics, buffering, sorting, staging, kitting, and work-in-progress. A single UltraBot IE ASRS can handle up to eight transactions per minute, 480 per hour. A three-carousel system can handle up to 1,440 transactions per hour. Systems with additional UltraBot IE robots and tiered carousels can boost throughput even higher.

The UltraBot IE ASRS is built using standard, off-the-shelf components offering a lower cost of acquisition, quick installation, reliable operation and reduced maintenance downtime. It can reduce labor requirements by up to 2/3 while offering 99.9%+ accuracy levels. Its space saving design can recover up to 85%+ of the floor space required by rack and shelving systems. The system provides a lower acquisition cost and a faster ROI than multi-shuttle, crane and aisle and typical robot systems.

Integrated Systems Design – ISD is a leading manufacturer, systems consultant, designer and integrator for warehouse, manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, life sciences, institutions and retail organizations in North America. ISD systems are renowned for their tremendous value, reliability and ease of maintenance. Systems are designed using technologies from the leading material handling manufacturers of the world.

Solutions designed by ISD focus on providing space savings, increased productivity, reduced labor, higher accuracy and system flexibility to change as an operation’s activities change in the future. Utilizing proven technology and off the shelf components helps provide cost effective solutions requiring minimum maintenance and yielding fast Return on Investments (ROI).

ISD expertise ranges from handling and picking pieces (eaches), cases, pallets, build lines, and special or custom handling solutions. Products and services include: automatic storage and retrieval (ASRS), conveyor, robotics, batch stations, automatic inserters and printers, pick to light, A-frames, horizontal and vertical carousels, vertical lift modules (VLMs), controls, software (including inventory management, WCS, WMS, MES and ERP), application and facility consulting and design, AutoCAD, system simulation, moves, installation and service.

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