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New Virtual exhibition from Atlet

The new “virtual exhibition” from Atlet goes beyond the capabilities of existing websites to provide customers with a rich multimedia experience incorporating interactive and video components that highlight the company's leadership in the new logistics market and product design innovation. Customers will be able to see Atlet's extensive range of warehouse trucks in action and learn about service and different combinations of trucks and racking.

“Customers tell us that the web is now their primary source of pre-sales information,” says Paul Forster, Atlet's joint managing director in the UK. “This new site provides information that is relevant and meaningful in a way that customers can understand and use to make informed decisions about their warehouse truck requirements.

“We believe this sort of facility, with demonstrations of real trucks in real environments, is the best way to exhibit warehouse trucks in an increasingly complex and sophisticated market.”

Atlet is embracing the 21st century with the new virtual exhibition. The site presents information about the company's range of warehouse trucks in a totally new way. Video clips show trucks in action at customer reference sites and explain more about the company's design, service and support facilities. Atlet is acknowledged for its innovative ergonomic design and has a reputation for delivering excellence and the best quality trucks in their class.

“Warehouse truck selection is one of the most critical decisions that customers take and they need to make a considered and balanced view of their requirements,” says Paul Forster. “We've asked our customers how they want us to present information to them. They tell us that they want up-to-date online information in the virtual world combined with opportunities to see how other people are operating in real situations.”

Customers can view an online demonstration showing how Atlet's Logistics Analyser program can be used to create a virtual representation of the warehouse. This allows users to try out different trucks and configurations of racking required to achieve optimum performance. There is also
information to help customers understand the difference between initial and whole life costs, an increasingly important factor in purchasing decisions.

“Most of the differences between manufacturers are under the bonnet or related to service and support,” says Paul Forster. “We're making choice easier and saving customers time and expense.”

The virtual exhibition represents a significant long term investment by Atlet in a totally new sales and marketing channel that embraces changes in communication methods. It presents the widest possible selection of available products and makes information available 24/7.

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