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New Vortex Quantum Valves Double Leap

A new orifice gate valve for dry bulk solids handling makes two major advances in a single design. Manufactured in the USA by Vortex®, Quantum is markedly different to any valve currently used in the UK and its modular design reduces capital and maintenance costs, improves performance and decimates lead time on orders.

Unlike a conventional cast-bodied valve for dry solids handling applications, Quantum is constructed from just 12 lightweight components. This represents a 50% parts reduction compared with the Vortex® Orifice Gate Valve it replaces, simplifying its construction and maintenance.

The main body has two stainless steel flanges, formed by the latest cutting and press break technology that cut the component production phase of manufacture from a week to just a couple of hours. As a result, lead times, including shipping from to UK, are unrivalled in the industry.

For the maintenance engineer, the design has a revolutionary benefit. The orifice slide gate’s seals are easily maintained while the valve is still mounted in the conveying line. A shimming system that allows the user to increase or decrease the compression force on the blade. This feature allows the user to make quick and easy adjustments to improve the valve’s performance, without removal from the line, thus reducing valuable downtime.

The blade and seal design allows the valve to self-clean on the opening stroke. This prevents material from packing on the internal seals. The seals are protected from blast abrasion and compensate for wear over time. The hard polymer materials used for the seals, rather than traditional soft versions, greatly increase their wear resistance and lifespan.

Managing Director of Vortex Europe, Jon Naylor, adds: “An important advantage of our valves is that they are designed specifically for purpose. Too often in the UK valves used in dry solids systems are either simple knife gates, or were primarily intended for fluids handling at pressures above 1 bar. That makes them nowhere near as easy to install, efficient, cost effective, nor simple to maintain as they could be. And with Quantum, we have the opportunity to introduce technology over here that is totally new, even in the States.”

Quantum valves are currently available for 2-inch to 14-inch pipe or tube sizes with any connection fron ANSI and DIN to client specified special bolt patterns. They can be seen in operation by arranging a visit from the Vortex® mobile demonstration unit. Interested parties can contact Vortex® at vortex.eu@vortexvalves.com.

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