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New Warehouse Management System

'Most User Friendly and Intuitive Yet' Promises Faster Payback. A new warehouse management system, claimed to be the most user friendly and intuitive yet, has been announced by advanced warehouse systems company Synergy Logistics.

“We have done a lot of work with users and our development team to make our latest WMS the most productive ever,” states Mark Darley-Usmar, managing director of Synergy Logistics. “Our aim is always to make the Locator Expert system easy and logical to use so that training is quick and effective, payback faster than expected.”

The system has been designed to take advantage of the latest Windows operating system. The main control panel has been made clear and concise, with colour coded links to all the main modules of the system.

A real innovation in the new Locator Expert is the appearance of My Module. “As the name suggests, this is where each user can store all the screens they need regularly, making navigation quick and simple and increasing productivity,” comments Darley-Usmar. “It is fully customisable so each user can go straight to the most vital parts of the warehouse management system for them.”

“In effect they each have their own system, which gives them productive control and means each member of staff can work the way they want,” adds Darley-Usmar.

All the main warehouse functions are covered by Locator Expert, including goods in, storage, retrieval, picking, load assembly and despatch. Different users can also be given access to only those modules which affect them. Other important developments are in Asset Management, a module designed to keep track of items such as pallets, roll cages and containers.

Another advanced module is Dock Diary, allowing users to view and allocate loading bays in a busy warehouse. A day diary screen makes it easy to see the status of any or all of the docks, with colour coding for vehicle due in, arrived or departed.

A Traceability module collates together in one place all the information required for product tracking, quarantine and recalls. All transactions with the Locator Expert warehouse management system are logged, enabling users to instantly see in the Traceability module the status and location of any item, or despatch details including customer.

Another important module is Production, which provides a vital link between warehouse and manufacturing operations. “This is a particular strength of Locator Expert and Synergy has installed many systems which seamlessly link raw materials and finished goods with the production process,” adds Darley-Usmar.

Multi site operations are easily set up and run from Locator Expert. Multiple instances can also be run on the same PC. Locator Expert uses client server architecture with Windows graphical user interface. The robust database structure is capable of operating under Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and IBM DB/2. Locator Expert integrates with RF terminals, voice terminals, barcode and RFID systems.

The latest version of Locator Expert, technically Version 4.0, comes in a long line of award winning warehouse management systems. “Synergy Logistics has cemented its' position as a major developer and provider of WMS through a mixture of innovation, really knowing warehouse operations inside out and a rock solid commitment to supporting our customers and their systems,” states Mark Darley-Usmar.

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