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New X-ray inspection system for bulk materials launched

Many industries use metal detection at various points in production and almost invariably at end of line. However, it makes good sense to remove any contamination as early as possible, ideally at goods-in before any value has been added.

There are a number of techniques used to detect and remove metallic contamination in bulk materials but these methods will not detect non-metallic contamination.

The new S+S RAYCON BULK uses the latest x-ray scanning techniques to identify and remove most types of contamination as small as 0.6 mm, even when embedded in or of the same colour as the product. The system is effective for both fine and coarse grained, dry, free flowing material.

The new machine uses the latest long-life, low energy, monobloc X-ray source with fully integrated generator and power supply. The proprietary real-time, control and image processing software, running on an industrial PC for reliability and ease of use, provides millisecond timing for up to 20 mechanical flaps or 80 air blast nozzles on an inspection width of up to 580 mm.

Operation and set up are controlled using an icon-based user interface on a 10 inch touch screen monitor with multiple language capability selectable through the user interface. To simplify product changeover, multiple sets of product data can be stored on non-volatile memory for immediate recall.

The compact, lightweight modular design, constructed using fully welded, high-strength stainless steel with an easy to replace, flat polyurethane belt, has a protection rating of IP65, is easy to clean and complies with BRC, IFS and HACCP standards and retailer Codes of Practice.

The new RAYCON BULK is ideal for use in all applications where free-flowing bulk materials need to be inspected for contaminants, including metal, glass, ceramics and stone, with high reliability and minimum loss of good material. The complete system, including vibration chute and separation system, is supplied ready for integration into existing conveying systems.

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