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New Yale Veracitor VX forklift truck range focus on operator ergonomics

Where ergonomics are a major influencing factor in the purchasing decision of counterbalance forklift trucks, users can now benefit from a series of new standard features and options on the Yale Veracitor VX series of ICE forklift trucks. These features will provide operators with an exceptionally comfortable operating environment which will in turn deliver increased productivity benefits for fleet and warehouse managers.

At the heart of all Yale models is the focus on operator ergonomics. The new series of enhancements to the Yale Veracitor VX forklift truck range forms one of the largest simultaneous product upgrades ever undertaken by Yale.

The operator experience is improved through the introduction of a new full suspension seat that is standard on all models, an integrated mini lever control armrest module and a new exhaust system that dramatically reduces noise levels and improves noise quality.

New Yale Full Suspension Seat fitted as standard

Yale brand manager, Mr. Steve Ridgway, explains: "Designing a comfortable forklift truck is not simply beneficial to the operator; it also provides substantial financial benefits for the company through increased productivity. Operators working in a comfortable environment are less likely to suffer from back problems and fatigue, can concentrate and operate for longer and as a result can be far more productive than those operating forklift trucks without the added benefit of these features."

EU directive (2002/44/EC) obliges employers of forklift truck operators to measure the vibration levels that operators are exposed to during the working operation and to take action where appropriate, controlling the risk to employees.

Mr. Ridgway continues: "The Yale FLM80 full suspension seat, now fitted as standard to every Yale Veracitor VX forklift truck up to 5,500kg lifting capacity, has been designed around the operator. This provides a far smoother ride, lower whole body vibrations (WBV) and enhanced driver comfort for the whole duration of the shift.

When measured in accordance with EN13059*, tests on the Yale FLM80 full suspension seat recorded WBV readings of 0.6m/s2 for the Yale Veracitor VX series, significantly lower than other manufacturers’ standard offering."

Several additional enhancements contribute to the WBV figures including increased seat suspension travel from 60mm to 80 mm to suit operators weighing between 45kg and 135kg and independent backrest adjustment. A generous 150mm front to back seat adjustment provides operators from the shortest (160cm) to the tallest (>194cm) with the ideal seat position.

Featuring an easily read visual display, the adjustable suspension system ensures that operators do not need to know their weight in order to adjust the seat to their optimum working position. This is achieved by the simple adjustment of the seat gauge until the pointer is located in the midpoint position of the display. This ensures that it is much easier to maintain the optimum seat position for any number of operators using the truck.

Intuitive control at the touch of a button

The standard Yale FLM80 full suspension seat can now be specified in combination with Yale’s intuitive Accutouch mini lever module (MLM) which is integrated into a fully adjustable driver armrest.

Mr. Ridgway explains: "The Accutouch MLM controls are based on an intuitive fingertip operation. Everything the operator requires to control the vehicle is within easy reach; everything is in the right place, including direction of travel lever, hydraulic functions and horn operation. It provides the best angle of support for the arm, wrist and palm allowing operators to find the most comfortable operating position easily and quickly."

The Accutouch MLM armrest is also fully adjustable in three directions and, in contrast to most other manufacturers’ forklift trucks, there is a padded armrest on both sides of the seat for increased comfort during long operating periods.

The Yale Mini Lever Module is standard on Veracitor VX ‘Productivity’ level models and as a cost option on the ‘Base’ and ‘Value’ trucks which feature traditional cowl mounted mechanical levers. Cowl mounted levers are still preferred by some operators, especially in environments where gloves need to be worn.

Reduced noise levels and improved noise quality

A significant element of the Veracitor VX improvement programme has been the introduction of a new exhaust system developed specifically for this range of ICE forklift trucks which has significantly contributed to improved air quality as well as much lower noise levels.

A new silencer, exhaust stack and air intake silencer, combined with a sound abatement belly pan, has reduced noise levels to 79 dBA as standard and 77 dBA when a full operator cab is fitted . This ensures the Veracitor VX is one of the quietest ICE forklift series currently available.

Mr. Ridgway concludes: "The development programme for the Yale Veracitor VX series further demonstrates Yale’s commitment to continually developing its highly successful counterbalance ICE range. The advanced ergonomic features recently introduced on the Yale "V Series" of electric counterbalance forklift trucks, and now available on the Veracitor VX series, put operator comfort and ergonomics at the heart of the design process. As a result companies will enjoy more productive operators and increased productivity benefits."

Companies that already operate Yale Veracitor VX lift trucks and want to take advantage of the benefits of the new Yale FLM80 full suspension seat can do so by contacting their local Yale Dealer who will be pleased to fit it to any trucks they already have in service.

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