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Nissan three-wheel electrics pump up the energy

Maximum output and manoeuvrability

Nissan have extended the full time working capacity of their three-wheeled electric lift truck range well beyond a single shift with the introduction of special high performance versions and a range of energy-saving features  

The NX Series now comprises five counterbalanced models from 1.25 to 1.75 tonne lift capacity, including a double rear wheeled version.

Major benefits of three-wheel electric trucks are their small size and turning radius. Operators have the benefit of maximum manoeuvrability in conditions where areas are confined – perhaps because of the design of the buildings in which they are used, or where aisle widths have been specially reduced to take maximum advantage of storage space.

If loaded with a one-metre pallet, the Nissan NX in its standard form is able to turn completely within the confines of an aisle three-metres wide. If fitted with Nissan's triplex mast, it offers even greater versatility, being able to operate at lift heights up to seven metres and as a container stuffer.

Three-wheeled operation also gives the NX Series the benefit of a tight, 90 degree steering lock, while counter rotation drive adding to manoeuvrability. Here, the truck's two traction motors work independently. For moderate turns, the inner wheel runs free, while in tighter turns it actually reverses direction, enabling the vehicle to pivot in the minimum aisle width. The function also reduces wear on tyres.

Combined with the advantage of mobility, Nissan is fitting 48-volt batteries as standard to the NX Series,  providing increased performance through faster acceleration, travel and lift speeds.

A controller developed by Nissan has extended the NX's operating hours per charge, as has improved regenerative braking. This harnesses the energy created upon braking and channels it into the battery.  The battery has been installed in an easy access compartment to reduce downtime on changeover.

Three standard models (1.25, 1.5 and 1.75 tonnes) form the basis of the range, while two High Performance NX models have been developed to cope with particularly arduous conditions. Load capacities are 1.6 and 1.75 tonnes.

Equipped with double rear wheels and wider front wheel tread, the HP versions provide increased stability and greater load capacity at high lift heights, to enable operators to make best use of vertical storage space. Standard models will lift their rated capacities to four metres, while High Performance NX  versions are capable of a 37 per cent increase in their capacity at up six metres. Larger batteries can also be fitted to the High Performance models to extend operating hours even further.

To assist the truck's productivity even further, Nissan has introduced an innovative “on demand”  electronic power steering system into the series . Conserving energy, the power steering is activated only when a turning force is actually applied to the wheel. Because it is operated electronically, reduced noise levels also help to alleviate operator discomfort and fatigue.

It is aspects of operator comfort such as these which are the key to increased productivity, say Nissan, and particular attention has been paid to the seat. Sprung suspended to absorb shock and vibration, its backrest can be adjusted infinitely forwards and backwards through 150mm to accommodate a wide variety of driver size.

The seat position itself has also been offset to provide good visibility, especially when travelling in reverse. Nevertheless, mounting and dismounting on the other side, which is often necessary when working in narrow aisles, is perfectly easy.

A single lever is used to control both the lift and tilt operations
of the mast, again helping to increase productivity by making loading faster and easier. Twin control levers are also available and additional levers fitted to extra services are arranged in a fan shape for ease of operator selection. The small diameter steering wheel has been designed to give precise control with less effort required, while adjustable tilt steering has been provided for the optimum driving position.

Super-elastic tyres are fitted to the Nissan NX three-wheeled range as standard. Puncture proof and maintenance free, they also provide excellent stability with far lower rolling resistance than pneumatics.

Mast options with the range include standard, full free and triplex up to seven metres. As with all Nissan lift trucks, a third year's warranty is included and load back rest, front and rear lights, reversing lights, warning reversing bleeper and large, rear view mirrors are all supplied as standard.

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