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Norbert Dentressangle takes delivery of the first Renault Trucks 26 tonne hybrid vehicle in UK

Norbert Dentressangle has taken delivery of the first Renault Trucks 26 tonne hybrid vehicle in the UK as part of the company’s commitment to testing alternative technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across its transport operations.

The Renault Premium Distribution 310.26 6×2 rear steer hybrid will be undergoing operational trials with Norbert Dentressangle Transport Services and will operate from its Specialist Services Aylesford site. The truck will be utilised to make shared-user network deliveries for a range of customers in and around London, where its low noise will be particularly suitable for night-time deliveries.

The hybrid vehicle combines a diesel engine with an electric motor that delivers a significant reduction in fuel consumption of around 20% and is up to 50% quieter than their normal counterparts. The electric motor drives fuel efficiency by powering the vehicle from 0 to 12 mph (25 km/h) before the conventional diesel engine seamlessly takes over.

Depending on the delivery route, it can use its electric motor to travel short distances (around 2 kms) silently at speeds of up to 12mph (25 km/h) with zero emissions and can be used most effectively for urban operations. In this scenario the hybrid vehicle provides an alternative technology to diesel engine trucks that delivers an overall reduction in polluting emissions of up to 20%.

"Because the management of the supply chain will continue to rely on road transport for many years to come, reducing environmental impact of transport and greenhouse gases, means we need to reduce the environmental impact of the truck itself," said Hervé Montjotin, Executive Vice President of Norbert Dentressangle & Director of the Transport Division.

"As far as toxic and particle emissions are concerned, Norbert Dentressangle runs the cleanest truck fleet in Europe with over 90% of the vehicles compliant to EURO IV and V standards. Concerning the reduction of the CO2 emissions, this is directly linked to the reduction of the fuel consumption and therefore we are focused on several areas. These include enhancing our drivers’ training to improve fuel saving, which involves several initiatives with our technical partners and truck manufacturers; maximising the payload thanks to technical investments and the re-engineering of the transport flows by our customers; and testing alternative technologies to diesel engines, specifically the hybrid technology for urban and peri-urban deliveries."

Mike Bridges, Managing Director of Norbert Dentressangle Transport Services, commented: "I’m delighted that we can launch our first hybrid truck for use on UK roads. It delivers a clear message to existing and potential customers that we are committed to sustainable transport in the UK and that innovation is a key driver at Norbert Dentressangle.

"As a company we are at the forefront of innovation in transport, taking initiatives to develop safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly road transport. Our aim is to assess this technology and determine which provides tangible benefits for our customers."

Norbert Dentressangle is also trialling hybrid vehicles in France, where two 19-tonne Renault vehicles and a Mercedes 12-tonne truck are being tested around the roads of Paris and Lyon. Data from this and the UK trial will be evaluated to determine the benefits and limits of the system, and how they can be used most effectively to meet customers’ needs.

These initiatives further reinforce Norbert Dentressangle’s on-going partnership with ADEME, the French Environment and Energy Management governmental Agency, which has resulted in Norbert Dentressangle achieving substantial progress with its environmental goals.

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