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Nordic ID breaks world records in RFID to enhance logistics company operations

Nordic ID has delivered a record breaking mobile RFID system to a leading Scandinavian car logistics company, Assistor. As Europe's largest mobile UHF RFID deployment as well as Finland's largest RFID implementation in production Nordic ID has been instrumental in delivering over 250 Nordic ID PL3000 hand-held devices as part of a complete and novel RFID-based car logistics solution.

The system uses RFID technology for the reliable identification of vehicles as they are unloaded from a ship. Once fitted with a reusable RFID identifier,
Nordic ID's RFID hand-held terminals are used to locate vehicles for further processing with speed and efficiency – no small task for Assistor which handles as many as 370 000 vehicles per year in Finland, the Baltic countries and Russia.

Speaking about the project, Tom Suvanto, Deputy Managing Director of Assistor said: “The management of large vehicle warehouses and locating the right vehicle presented a major challenge. Nordic ID's RFID hand-helds have proven to be an excellent replacement for the previously used barcode readers. Their RFID functionality with user friendliness, light weight and durability are superior to any other device we've tested.”

As well as being exceptionally light-weight and compact with a superb battery life, the PL3000 UHF RFID device can both read and write on tags allowing users to transfer information from barcode to RFID tag conveniently on site.

As with all other Nordic ID devices, the PL3000 UHF RFID device can be equipped with several communication and other functionalities. Technologies such as GPRS/EDGE, WLAN, Bluetooth, USB and barcode reader all combine to ensure seamless connectivity with back office systems.

Nordic ID is a pioneer in the use of RFID technology. The company has launched several leading mobile RFID products including the first European standard UHF RFID reader with 3G and several specialized HF RFID readers as well as the cross-polarized RFID antenna technology.

“Reliability is our watchword at Nordic ID and Nordic ID's RFID technology has now been tested and proven both in large and small scale commercial use. We're proud of our achievement with the Assistor case which is demonstrable proof that our customers, whatever the scale of their operations, can continue to rely on us as their mobile RFID provider,” Jorma Lalla, CEO of Nordic ID concluded.

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