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Nordisk Bog Center AS is introducing one of the world’s most advanced Conveyor and Voice picking systems

Dematic has won an order from Nordisk Bog Center (NBC) for an advanced order fulfillment system. The system for NBC’s central distribution centre in Haslev, Denmark is the first in the world to integrate a zone-routing conveyor picking system with Voice Picking and Multishuttle automatic replenishment and a Goods-to-Person picking system.

"The market is changing from relatively few large orders to many small orders. This was the main business case for our investment, along with the general need for the modernisation of our mechanised equipment and the need to bring together our different process flows into a single system", says Jan Jensen, Director Nordisk Bog Center A/S (NBC).

NBS is a leading distributor of books in Denmark, and part of Gyldendal, Denmark’s oldest and largest publishing house. NBC deliver books and related products direct to customers, to teaching institutes, book clubs and book shops, and other stores. Today they have three independent logistic systems which handle these different distribution channels. The new system from Dematic, the world’s leading automated logistics solutions supplier, will consolidate the three systems into one which is capable of handling all three channels.

NBC’s 22,000 items are split into 5,000 fast moving and 17,000 slower moving items.

"The fast moving items will be picked in one of the most advanced conveyor picking systems in the world. For the first time, a zone-routing system will be integrated with automatic carton erection, Voice technology and Multishuttles, delivering a highly optimised system." explains Steve Purvis, Sales Project Manager for Dematic.

Order cartons will be automatically erected and directed to pickers in zones. Orders are only routed to the zones where picks are required, streamlining the flow of an order through the system. Voice terminals will be used by pickers to maximise picking performance and accuracy and Dematic’s Multishuttles will automate the typically labour-intensive task of replenishment, with a shuttle taking product cases from storage and inserting them into the back of the pick face. The shuttles also eliminate the ergonomic problem of lifting heavy cases of books into the pick face.

The zone-routing system is supplemented by a Miniload AS/RS goods-to-picker system for the 17,000 slower items.

"The advantages of the goods-to-picker system which dynamically delivers items on demand to the pickers is that it requires considerably less space and delivers higher efficiencies compared to conventional slow-mover picking methods", says Steve Purvis.

"We will obtain an increased production capacity, especially for small orders which is the new tendency in our market. We will also get less picking errors and complete control over the total production process. That will, all in all, give us a noticeable lift in competitiveness and we expect a very reasonable pay back on our investment" explains Jan Jensen.

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