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Norgren’s new actuator technology to make UK debut at Total Processing & Packaging Exhibition

Norgren, a world leader in pneumatic motion and fluid control technologies, will give its UK debut to a new range of cylinders at the Total Processing & Packaging Exhibition to be held at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham from 4-6 June 2013 (Stand R43).

The Norgren stand will showcase IVAC (integrated valve and actuator control), a range of high-performance pneumatic cylinders that offer energy-saving potential, functional innovation and improved aesthetics.

IVAC has been specially designed in collaboration with customers and offers users all the advantages of conventional pneumatic control in a single actuator package. Typically, conventional pneumatic control is comprised of up to 13 different components, but by condensing these separate parts into one integrated unit Norgren can offer OEMs and end users a dramatic cut in energy and operating costs.

A key advantage of IVAC is that each unit requires only one pneumatic and one electrical connection, meaning customers no longer need multiple valve islands, tubing and accessories. By eliminating the need for excess components the unit is able to reduce ‘dead’ volume and decrease air consumption by up to 50 percent. The benefit of the unit’s increased efficiency is easily visible to customers as the reduction in air consumption substantially cuts cost per mm of stroke, potentially resulting in enough energy savings to refund the entire cost of an IVAC product within one year. IVAC units also boast a sharper and neater appearance, helping to make plants and machines look cleaner and more advanced.
IVAC cylinders are available in a number of sizes and options. All variations provide an integrated solution which delivers Engineering Advantage by combining the valve, flow controls, cushioning and sensors in a single actuator package.
Des Cunningham of Norgren comments: "After speaking with many of our customers it became clear they needed a product that not only cut costs, but also could be easily incorporated into their current operations. With these two factors in mind we created IVAC as a way to streamline conventional pneumatic control, and since IVAC can be retrofitted or integrated within new systems and requires no mechanical design changes from OEMs, the cylinders fit well in a range of operating environments.."

He added: "Today, businesses are no longer just looking for cost-effective solutions, but rather sustainable solutions. IVAC deliver reduced energy use and air consumption while lowering downtime for cleaning and maintenance, therefore increasing productivity. Potential users from design engineers and production managers to plant maintenance engineers will all see benefits from the use of IVAC units that far exceed simple cost reductions."

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