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Nottinghamshire stops vehicle thieves in their tracks thanks to Masternaut

Police forces from South Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire took just 30 minutes to intercept and recover a stolen Nottinghamshire County Council pick-up truck. The vehicle had recently been equipped with a Thatcham Category 5 satellite tracking device from Masternaut Three

Using live tracking on the web, Mick Monaghan of the Council’s Highway
Operations team helped to direct Nottinghamshire Police Force’s helicopter and
South Yorkshire patrol vehicles to intercept the stolen vehicle. Within 30
minutes the vehicle was recovered undamaged, saving the Council the cost
of replacing it and also stopping further inconvenience caused by the theft.

"This is a great result for our new Masternaut system. The vehicle was
stolen from the Council’s Misterton depot at noon on the 9 November. The works
manager immediately notified the Police and Highway Operations HQ and I
was able to use the system to help direct the Police helicopter and patrol
cars to quickly recover the vehicle," said Mick Monaghan, Projects Manager,
Highway Operations, Communities, Nottinghamshire County Council.

"During the pursuit of the vehicle, I spoke to Masternaut Three X’s
operations team and the support staff were able to increase the tracking
frequency, enabling the Police to recover the vehicle in half an hour. This was a great result. Scenes of Crime will check the vehicle for fingerprints, DNA and associated evidence," added Monaghan.

Thatcham Category 5 ensures the highest level of Police response in the
case of vehicle theft. Masternaut Three X is the first commercial vehicle
telematics supplier to secure Category 5 for a full range of vehicles
including vans, HGVs and plant. Masternaut is also the first online fleet
management solution to offer what is regarded as the highest security rating

The system has already led to the retrieval of hundreds of stolen vehicles
and with Thatcham Category 5 any stolen Masternaut-equipped vehicle will
automatically receive the quickest Police response available at the time.
As well as minimising any operational difficulties through quick retrieval
of any stolen vehicle, Masternaut Three X customers can benefit from
favourable insurance premiums.

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