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NOV Mono has launched a new bio-waste processing brochure

NOV Mono, Europe’s leading designer and manufacturer of pumps, parts, grinders, screens and packaged systems, has launched a new bio-waste processing brochure which has been specifically designed to provide engineers with everything they could ever need to know about the most innovative maintain-in-place (MIP) pumps and grinders for bio-waste processing, all in one easy to follow guide.

Mark Viner, European Sales Manager at NOV Mono, commented: "With the industry facing an ongoing challenge to reduce costs, improve efficiency and control maintenance downtime, it is has never been more important to ensure that bio-waste processing engineers are fully up to speed with the latest product developments available to them to ensure they continually improve their processes and control costs.

"We have a comprehensive range of solutions for the multiple application requirements of the bio-waste processing industry which are highlighted in our new literature. Our bio-gas solutions can assist in the pre-treatment process by transferring and significantly reducing the bulk and particle size of biodegradable waste to help assist with the Anaerobic Digestion Process, as well as improving the overall efficiency of the digestion process when dealing with a range of source materials such as food and drink, agricultural residues and sewage sludges."

Included in the new brochure are Mono’s revolutionary EZstripTM Transfer Pump and TR Muncher®. Providing outstanding performance with efficient transfer of highly viscous, fatty or greasy materials, the EZstripTM Transfer Pump can be easily and quickly maintained-in-place, ensuring low maintenance and whole life operational costs. As well eliminating the need for dismantling lengths, this pumps has the unique ability to handle hard, angular and abrasive solids and can greatly reduce the overall efficiency of a bio-waste facility.

Mono’s EZstripTM TR Muncher® is a twin shaft, low speed, high torque grinder specifically designed for efficient maceration of biodegradable solids which can be added to a digestion process to improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of the process.

Installation of the grinder is simple, with in-line flanges or the option of tanker coupling connections. Quick release inspection covers allow in-situ replacement of the cutters and these can be specified to 8.0mm, 5.5mm and 3.0mm thickness to match the optimum particle size for specific process requirements. No special tools are required when maintaining the EZstripTM TR Muncher® and operational parameters are unaffected.

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