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Novadata celebrates 30 years experience in the Transport Industry at the CV Show with a surprise!

Novadata, Braintree, Essex – Novadata is marking 30 years involvement in the transport industry. To celebrate this impressive milestone the company will have a big surprise for visitors at this year’s CV Show which is guaranteed to put a smile on their faces.

Managing Director Derek Broomfield explains: "In this period of economic uncertainty and austerity, we feel it is more important than ever to make our clients smile, as well as continuing to provide them with the professional service they expect from Novadata."

In addition to presenting the company’s current products, training portfolio and support services, Novadata will provide a unique and entertaining snapshot of the past along with a thought provoking glimpse of the future.

Derek Broomfield continues: "I started working in the industry in 1976; this was around the time tachograph legislation came into effect. It was very much a watershed moment! Six years on in 1982 I founded Novadata. Over the ensuing years I’ve witnessed the big sea change that has occurred in the logistics landscape driven by massive leaps in computer technology. The early eighties were a pivotal point. No one recognised back then just how much computer technology would impact on the transport industry, not least through its transformation of the legislative process.

"Road checks used to be a random process. Now, largely due to the information revolution, the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) is able to conduct a range of licensing, testing and enforcement checks. VOSA enforcement teams are armed with highly sophisticated computer technology which allows them to instantly view information.

"In addition, the 21st Century professional driver faces a vehicle jam-packed with the very latest technology, designed to be used by experts with a high level of proficiency. This, along with knowledge of the complexities of Drivers Hours’ Law, and the mandatory Driver CPC requires a constant training and updating schedule.

"The transport industry is the backbone of the UK economy. Efficient distribution of goods and services is absolutely central to its success. If it’s not moved it can’t be sold. Every industry sector depends on road transport for its supply chain. And yet it has never faced a more challenging environment."

Novadata’s exhibition has the provocative title ‘Don’t End Up as Road Kill on the Information Highway’. The company’s directors predict a sit up and take notice experience and, despite the alarming title, they promise everyone will smile.

Novadata dares you to visit their stand 2B69 and 2C69 and be more than a little surprised…

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