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Nu-Star mover for Stowe Woodward

Stowe Woodward (one of the World’s leading suppliers of elastomeric roller coverings) in Glenrothes, Fife have recently taken delivery of a Nu-Star Super Pusher for pushing & pulling their roll handling bogies on site.

As part of a recent UK restructuring programme, paper and industrial rolls from around the UK are sent to Stowe Woodward in Glenrothes for reconditioning/modifying, and as part of this process need to be manoeuvred into and out of a shot-blasting chamber, vulcanizing ovens and extrusion processes.

The loads can weigh up to 55 tonnes and Ian Stirling (Stowe Woodward’s Systems Manager) realised that a forklift was not going to be a suitable solution given the space constraints.

“The Super Pusher enables one operator to easily move the bogies between work stations and is much safer than trying to do this by hand or trying to use a forktruck as a towing vehicle.”

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The Super Pusher is currently the biggest load mover in the Nu-Star range of pedestrian operated electric tug units which can move wheeled loads ranging from 500Kg to over 100,000Kgs. All the movers in the range are self contained with maintenance-free gel batteries, on-board waterproof battery chargers, puncture-proof tyres and programmable control units. There are no complicated licensing requirements (other than a minimum age of 18 and relevant training) and minimal maintenance requirements. Nu-Star manufacture the tug units both in the UK & USA and they are all available by purchase or contract hire.

Further information is available on request to:
Nu-Star Material Handling Ltd, Unit C, Ednaston Business Centre, Ednaston, Derbyshire DE6 3AE
Telephone: 0870 4435646
Fax: 0870 4435647

e-mail: enquiries@nu-starmhl.com www.nu-starmhl.com

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