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NX Secure to control new NDC with Access Group’s WMS

NX Secure, national pallet distribution and warehousing, is to supplement growth with the implementation of Access Group’s warehouse management solution (WMS), Access Delta. The decision to invest in technology comes as the organisation looks to attract new clients with the appeal of automating warehouse processes using technology.

Sebastiaan Huizeling, project manager for NX Secure, explains, “While we are adopting best-of-breed WMS from Access Group to attract new clients with greater need for transparency and traceability we are also looking to move away from the reliance on manual processes.”

NX Secure will further improve business operations with a focus on efficiency, control and productivity. “We’re looking to grow our organisation, this reflects our business decision to open a new distribution centre, we invested in Access Delta to ensure that we have complete control and visibility over all our processes,” adds Sebastiaan.

Access Group’s WMS will further help deliver greater customer service to customers, using real-time updates. “We selected Access Group as our partner because they provided the best product on the market for our needs. Their track record of delivering solutions gave us confidence in our future plans and the scalability of the solution allows the system to grow alongside our business. The WMS is extremely configurable for almost any process we require and supports multi-site setups.”

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