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OCR that reads far more than just Barcodes from Prime Vision

Prime Vision brings an important message to any company wishing to improve its cost and operational efficiency through automatic identification. "We can now use any detail in a data-capture image as a means of automating product handling, from simple product flow applications right through to the complete logistical process," explained Product Specialist, Jacob Dijkstra. "The Prime Vision recognition capability is a giant step beyond simple bar code technology. It takes in machine printed character reading, graphics and even handwriting to provide companies with the optimum auto ID solution to suit their application."

This development is a product of Prime Vision’s outstanding technological expertise and far exceeds the capabilities of all other standard-library OCR packages currently available.
Prime Vision is an expert in optical code reading and the world leader in handwritten character recognition. It has honed its skills in postal and banking markets and has now developed a range of innovative products for warehousing and logistics, OCRlite and ICRlite. Although pattern recognition is not new to these sectors the scope, flexibility, quality and innovation attached to the Prime Vision technology presents a highly attractive, value for money solution. Any company that moves a large amount of goods through its warehouses and distribution hubs on a daily basis will reap significant benefit from this introduction.

The areas OCRlite and ICRlite address are manifold. As well as practically eliminating the need for manual sorting, manual data entry and re-keying laser scanned no-reads these products can recognise logos and handwritten numerals or other marks. They can capture crucial information on incoming and outgoing goods that are not contained in the bar code.

Importantly these new products dispel the idea that automation demands massive investment. A basic level package costs just €12,500 and the payback through increased productivity is predictably quick. This is complemented by improved quality levels. Read-rates are upwards of 95% and Prime Vision’s patented high yield character recognition technology (HYCR™) will maximise the process well above human capabilities.

Available as a turnkey solution or as dynamic link library (DLL) installation the Prime Vision suite of warehouse and distribution OCR products comprises four distinct elements. Each can be supplied independently and upgraded or specified with a range of options and additional features to optimise the application. OCRlite is designed to read basic machine printed characters on standard labels or on fixed positions relative to the barcode or other reference point such as a logo. Typically it recognises article numbers, price, expiry dates, destination and postal codes and different colours.
OCRlite Plus factors in the ability to find a region of interest. This is a good solution for applications that cannot rely on the use of standard labels and for where there is no pre-knowledge of where machine printed characters may be located on the parcel or package.

The ICRlite intelligent characteristic reader exemplifies Prime Vision’s exceptional expertise. It is capable of reading even the most complex of handwritten characters. Similar to its OCR counterpart, it too requires fixed character positions relative to a barcode or logo. Recognising critical information written on labels, such as quantities and reasons for return, is a typical application.

The last of the four basic modules is ICRlite Plus that is designed to meet to needs of the most difficult ICR and OCR applications. It can locate and interpret relevant handwritten characters anywhere on a parcel or package with unprecedented read rates. It is the product of Prime Vision’s 35 years expertise in OCR and a unique capability in the industry.
Additional modules can also be integrated into the OCRlite and ICRlite solution. Video coding for example allows data to be manually entered onto a warehouse management system in a fast, smart and efficient way. Image archive and retrieval is another option that s images into jpegs so that an offline archive of goods can be kept. In addition to providing additional quality control it stores, for example, evidence of any damaged goods that may be needed for liability claims.

All OCRlite and ICRlite modules can be upgraded and developed to accommodate changing needs and Prime Vision is very well practised at working in close partnership with its customers to achieve the best solution. For example enhancements currently in view include empty tray detection and object recognition.

All products and associated hardware carry 6-month warranties and the technical assistance provided by Prime Vision is second to none. Its highly skilled support team provides almost instant response on a 24/7 basis. In addition to being able to supply a complete turnkey solution Prime Vision will happily work in league with any camera supplier or system integrator to meet the customer’s need.

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