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Oliver Wight EAME release new executive guide to performance benchmarking

Supply chain design and optimization specialists Oliver Wight, have published an executive guide to performance benchmarking which reveals how organisations can provide best-in-class service whilst halving their supply chain costs.

The guide is designed for any organisation with an end-to-end supply chain, to provide an insight into the benefits and methodology behind supply chain benchmarking for business success.

"Benchmarking has become an essential tool in today’s business environment," explains Oliver Wight Partner, Jerry Shanahan. "Whatever your industry, an optimized supply chain is vital for delivering excellent customer service, reducing costs and gaining that competitive advantage. But unless you know how well you are performing and what best-in-class looks like, you won’t know where you can improve or by how much."

Oliver Wight’s supply chain benchmarking has become an extremely popular business management tool as a way for businesses to identify performance gaps, whilst providing a financial evaluation of the gains that can be made off the back of improvement action.

"Performance Benchmarking places a different lens on your business from an external perspective," explains Shanahan. "Instead of asking ‘what can we do to improve?’ the question becomes ‘what can we do to become best-in-class?’"

Recognised globally as thought leaders in Integrated Business Planning and Supply Chain Design and Optimization, Oliver Wight has built up over the past 40 years an unrivalled database of organisations for companies to benchmark themselves against.

The executive guide to Performance Benchmarking can be downloaded from the Oliver Wight website: http://www.oliverwight-eame.com/en-GB/library-events/white-papers/m/product/view/33 For more information contact Zoe Davis on +44 (0) 1452 397 209

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