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On Demand bubble wrap from FP International NOVUS packaging machine

FP International has developed a faster and easier way to tear lengths of its NOVUS film from the packaging machine.

The company has introduced a new special perforation on its NOVUS Resin Blend air cushions films that makes separating the air cushions quicker and simpler.

Thanks to a 10cm opening in the middle of each NOVUS film perforation, the operator only needs to use one hand to separate the appropriate number of cushions from the NOVUS packaging machine.

This added-value enhancement increases packaging speeds and boosts convenience for the packer at no extra cost.

The perforation innovation – called "Handle Cut" – is being introduced this summer and will apply to all four NOVUS Resin Blend configurations (Double Cushion, Supertube, Quilt-Air Large and Quilt-Air Small).

NOVUS Resin Blend is a Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) material that is both transparent and highly elastic and comes on rolls of 381 meter length.

Double cushion and Supertube configurations are designed for large void fill, block and brace, corner protection and strategic support. Quilt-Air Large cushions can be used for wrapping, block and brace and surface protection. Quilt-Air Small can be used for interleaving and small bubble applications.

The NOVUS packaging machine is one of FP International’s pioneering PMOS (Packaging Materials On Site) systems, which inflate a variety of configurations from large air cushions to quilt/pad shapes.

It is the most compact and fastest inflation system on the market, making packaging material on demand whenever and wherever it is required.

The NOVUS packaging machine saves money and space by eliminating the need to store and handle readymade protective packaging and traditional bubble material.

Handle cut film can be used in combination with accessories like the pre-tear unit or a dispenser.

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