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On-line success for SSI Schaefer

The UK's largest online retailer of consumer technology, Ebuyer (UK) Ltd, is now using SSI Schaefer LTF plastic containers within their new purpose built warehouse in Howden, East Yorkshire.

Ebuyer was looking for a specialised company that could provide a high quantity of plastic containers, at a competitive price, for use within the order picking and distribution section of their new and improved warehouse. SSI Schaefer, the UK's leading storage and material handling equipment solutions provider, was brought to their attention.

After a number of discussions between Chris Parker of Schaefer and Ebuyer management, an order was placed to provide 4200 blue LTF plastic containers for use within their automated retrieval system and 800 grey LTF plastic containers for use on their conveyors.

However, there were a number of modifications that needed to be achieved before the containers could be put into action and SSI Schaefer came up trumps in providing each requirement as requested by Ebuyer.

Each container supplied came with additional flat welded base, a first for Schaefer within the UK, to reduce the noise impact on the conveyors and in automation. Drain holes were added to assist the flow of water during sprinkler activation plus two barcodes were fitted on each container.

A spokesperson for Ebuyer said:
“We are delighted with the plastic containers that were provided by Schaefer. The boxes were modified to our exact specifications in less than five weeks after the order was placed, and are now in successful operation within our warehouse, and all achieved at a very competitive price.”
tel. 01264 386600

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