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On the path to Zero Waste? Be recognised in the Zero Waste Awards

Large businesses, SMEs, charities, not-for-profits, and the public sector are leading Britain towards Zero Waste, ending their reliance on landfill and recognising the value in resources.

Waste represents a loss of resources to our economy. The annual Zero Waste Awards, open to public, private and third sector organisations, celebrates diverse achievements in the workplace in the way we rethink resources to cut waste.

Organisations that have mastered the art of the 3Rs (reduce-reuse-recycle) and achieved a significant reduction in waste are rewarded with gold, silver or bronze or highly commended for their efforts. Organised by the Environment Media Group, The Zero Waste Awards are free to enter and have a rolling programme for submissions, with the next round of entries open until 2 March 2015.

Since it’s not a competitive process, each entry is awarded on its own merit with organisations encouraged to share best practice as they take steps towards zero waste. Previous winners have included KP Snacks, New York Bakery, FareShare and Portakabin, with hundreds more recognised for their work towards the Zero Waste goal.

Government policy is now moving in the same direction, with the Zero Waste Regulations now adopted in Scotland, and similar guidelines in the rest of the UK being introduced in January 2015. The move means that business waste needs to be separated for recycling where practically possible, and many companies are already doing just that.

The benefits of entering the Zero Waste Awards include:
• Financial savings by reducing waste and learning new ways to manage materials
• Being seen to be green by your customers, supply chain, and peers through your association with the awards and the zero waste stamp of approval
• Networking with like-minded individuals and being part of Club Zero
Steve Eminton, editor of letsrecycle.com, from the Environment Media Group, said: “Manufacturers are turning costly waste into profitable co-product, reducing the need for landfill and creating more resilient businesses. Meanwhile, community groups are finding innovative ways to recover value from wasted resources and creating social enterprises with this new currency. There really is so much innovation and good practice out there to share and reward, and the Zero Waste Awards are doing just that.”

New partnerships are developing in the public, private and third sectors that traverse the traditional boundaries to deliver a more sustainable society. Zero Waste Award submissions are particularly welcomed from partner organisations collaborating on waste reduction projects together to achieve the same goal.
The awards scheme culminates in a recognition luncheon, which takes place on 9 April 2015, where winners are each presented with a trophy. Held at the 12th Century Coombe Abbey in Warwickshire, this is an opportunity for leaders to network and share best practice with a diverse crowd of experts. From factories to hospitals, community centres and charity groups, everyone has a story to tell of their journey towards Zero Waste.

The next round of entries closes on 2 March 2015. The awards are sponsored by Saica Natur and Wastecare, with Ceris Burns International as the PR partnership sponsor. For more information about Zero Waste and the Zero Waste Awards, visit www.zerowasteawards.com

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