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One minor oversight – one fatal mistake ECE 104 regulation 48, binding on all newly registered commercial vehicles from July

The scenario of lorry drivers involved in fatal accidents could become a thing of the past when ECE 104 (regulation 48) comes into force this July. The guideline provides for greater road traffic safety through visibility, with improved recognition and conspicuity at night – which is good news for drivers and their vehicles. From July onwards, all commercial vehicles will be required to be fitted with prominent retroreflective marking tapes. The life-preserving measure represents an important step in terms of reducing the risk of accidents still further and making road transport even safer. As the leading manufacturer of retroreflective materials, Reflexite® has a history of responding to requirements. Now the company is unveiling its latest product: Reflexite® VC 104+ Segmented.

This exceptionally durable innovation in vinyl can be adapted to all trailer types and promises excellent adhesion with no peeling: its closed cell structure blocks the ingress of dirt and prevents any breakage of the reflective film. As comparison with conventional reflective tapes clearly demonstrates, Reflexite VC 104+ thereby guarantees significantly enhanced reflective performance as well as exceptional adhesion and thus durability. Reflexite VC 104+ also performs well as regards handling, with backing film that ensures ease of use: the reflective strips in the VC 104+ range, with backing film, are applied from 50mm x 50m rolls in a continuous strip.

With Italy, Romania, Poland and Slovakia having led the way, marking tapes will become mandatory in Germany and many other countries starting in July. The ruling applies to all newly registered commercial vehicles of 7.5 tons or more, and to trailers of 3.5 tons and above. Reflective materials, which must comply with regulation ECE 48-03 of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), will have to be applied to the sides and rear of all relevant vehicles. The move finally acknowledges that marking tapes significantly reduces the numbers of accidents for long articulated vehicles and lorries – a fact demonstrated in several surveys, including the Darmstadt study in Europe. For Reflexite, combining safety with the needs of users in order to maximise the benefit to the client is top priority.The European Darmstadt study
This investigation looked at 1,000 vehicles with marking tapes and another 1,000 vehicles without tapes. After two years, the study revealed that 30 of the unmarked vehicles had been involved in night-time accidents (side or rear collisions); of the vehicles with marking tapes, just one was involved in an accident.

About Reflexite
Reflexite specialises in improving visibility in road traffic. An international company with its world headquarters based in Avon, USA, Reflexite has been producing retroreflective materials for 30 years. Reflexite is currently helping fleet managers to implement ECE 104. In its dual role as a manufacturer and partner, Reflexite offers free advice to ensure clients choose ECE-compliant products; an offer that extends to fleet managers, vehicle manufacturers and consumers alike. Reflexite solutions are in demand around the world – which proves that where safety is concerned, there can be no compromising on quality.

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