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Online haulage exchange marketplace unveils handy new mobile app

The UK’s leading online haulage exchange marketplace has unveiled its handy new mobile app, as Returnloads.net now empowers hauliers to remotely locate loads on the move, improving the efficiency of the supply chain process for manufacturers and their logistics partners.

Manufacturers will be able to take control of the distribution of their products by allowing hauliers to see their loads on an Android, iPhone or iPad device, vying to fill their empty vehicles that pound the nation’s motorways on a daily basis.

This app embraces the latest mapping technology and can instantly pinpoint and inform drivers of newly available loads within a specific radius. The system automatically updates the newest loads as soon as they are ready for distribution, providing an efficient two-way service that ensures loads are not sitting idle for too long and drivers are not driving empty vehicles that are a waste of fuel.

With an average of 8,000 new loads ready for distribution on Returnloads.net each and every week, the online resource has the potential to save millions of miles in empty journeys by making use of the collective spare capacity of its members’ vehicles, significantly reducing carbon emissions.
Already, in the past year alone, Returnloads.net has saved over 2 million HGV journeys. Returnloads.net owner, Richard Newbold believes the new mobile app heralds an opportunity for manufacturers to get their goods and services covered quicker, reducing the need for suppliers to have vehicles sitting idle waiting for work.

Newbold comments:
"The development of the Returnloads.net mobile app is designed to reduce manufacturer and haulier overheads and change the way in which loads are transported, with an emphasis on slashing carbon footprints and refining supply chains.

"Effectively, the ‘middleman’ is being stripped out of the supply-chain process, making distribution more cost-effective as well as quicker, and more environmentally friendly, which today’s consumer is more aware of than ever before. After all, as consumers, we not only demand our purchased goods to be rapidly delivered in pristine condition, but we want the supplier to demonstrate that their carbon footprint is not unnecessarily wasteful.

"Suppliers that boast their own fleet can also make full use of the app by allowing logistics operators to communicate directly with their drivers and inform them when loads are awaiting transport."

The app also gives manufacturers an opportunity to forge lasting working relationships with reputable hauliers with the use of a two-way 1-5 star review system that allows businesses to read feedback before entrusting a haulier with their load. Meanwhile, it also allows drivers with empty vehicles to assess the reliability of the supplier.

Newbold, adds:"In the past suppliers would have to phone around to develop a trusted network of hauliers, often struggling to find a driver with suitable space and within close proximity. An increasing number of LGV drivers are now equipped with smartphone and tablet devices in their cabs and this app makes it easy for both parties to show initiative and reduce the thousands of vehicles returning back to base empty."

As an innovative supply chain solution, the Returnloads.net app moves far beyond traditional logistics and transportation services to provide suppliers and hauliers with added value and effective supply chain management.

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