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Online telematics tracking provider Cybit implement Fleetstar solution for Cheshire Peaks

Cybit, the UK’s leading online telematics tracking provider, has implemented its Fleetstar solution into the service fleet of Cheshire Peaks & Plains Housing Association. Fleetstar will help to reduce fleet operating costs through real-time visibility of the mobile workforce by Cheshire Peaks & Plans centralised control staff. The Housing Association also aims to reduce unnecessary business mileage through the efficient allocation of the skilled trade-teams.

Cheshire Peaks & Plains manages over 5,000 properties in the Macclesfield and Knutsford region, as part of a four-year, £43million investment in housing and services upgrades. Cheshire Peaks & Plains is a modern progressive association with complete transparency over its services. For example, key performance indicators are published on the association’s website, which ranks its ability to complete emergency repairs and planned jobs against stated targets.

"We complete regular satisfaction studies from our customer services group. These highlighted two areas where we needed to make improvements: our ability to get to appointments on time and our first-time fix rates," says Nigel Johnson, Senior Quality Supervisor.

"We identified that vehicle tracking technology would assist us with both of these – through the real-time allocation of the closet available and appropriate engineer. We also looked at this from a cost saving perspective: we want to send the right engineer to the right location at the right time and Fleetstar gives our control staff the ability to do this and uplift our first-time fix rates."

In addition to the real-time engineering dispatch benefits, Cybit’s technology will be used to underpin a number of business initiatives including the implementation of health & safety procedures and the provision of strategic business information to continue to drive down cost whilst developing customer services.

"We acknowledge that we are only on the first step of utilising this technology. Cybit’s approach and scale give us confidence in its ability to support us as we grow. There are a number of areas we are looking at, such as Carbon Footprint monitoring and process streamlining, where Fleetstar will make a significant impact on our ability to provide worldclass services to our stakeholders," Nigel Johnson continued.

John Wisdom, Sales & Marketing Director for Cybit says: "The modular approach of the software, backed by the company’s scale, enabled Cheshire Peak & Plains to select Cybit with confidence. Fleet tracking technology has moved beyond the provision of location-based information. It is now a critical business tool where support, expertise and scale are as important as the software itself."

Cybit’s Fleetstar-Online works via an unobtrusive GPS device located inside the vehicle that provides real-time positioning information which is transmitted via O2’s GPRS network to Cybit’s servers. This data is processed into a broad spectrum of user defined and configurable reports, providing real-time fleet visualisation or historical analysis. The system can be accessed from any web-connected PC.

Fleetstar-Online is Cybit’s industry leading, scalable suite of Internet-based Mobile Resource Management (MRM) and vehicle tracking tools. The high quality data relating vehicle and job performance is captured in conjunction with location information, reported and analysed through Fleetstar. This allows meaningful business decisions to be made using up to the minute information on operational performance.

Powerful reporting capabilities facilitate effective management of operational costs and productivity; support strategic initiatives around Carbon footprint; and increase compliance with legislation including Duty of Care and Health and Safety. The strategic importance of Fleetstar-generated information extends beyond vehicle tracking into the heart of the enterprise. Fleet derived information can be directly integrated into a range of business systems to improve the efficiency of the entire organisation. Fleetstar provides the business-critical information that organisations need to execute a clear and rapid path to return on investment.

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