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OPTO sensors new build cuts price for automated systems

Inherent features of a new retro-reflective opto-sensor that include – interference proof, brightVision technology and Ultralock™ will appeal particularly to installers of automated conveying, handling and storage solutions. In addition to allowing much faster alignment, the new PRK 46B sensor from Leuze Mayser is far easier and quicker to connect to signal cables and bright display diodes giving all-round visual operational status.

To achieve the total package of sensor benefits “at a very affordable price”, quotes Terry Boughen, Managing Director of Leuze Mayser, the company has totally re-engineered the sensor. The new sensor can be built more quickly and more efficiently, which results in very competitively priced units with a performance specification matching the needs of those designing for automated handling.

Although the maximum signal range of the sensor is 18m, it also offers one of the closest near-distance reading distances of any opto-sensor – just 5cm. Add in another feature such as interference proof whereby the reflected signal is not disturbed by the crinkling of such outer protective skins as shrink-wrap, and you have a sensor ideal for end-of-line pallet load monitoring. Other significant data is an IP69 classification and a wide temperature span of -30°C to +60°C without degradation of performance.

The new PRK 46B also has been engineered with the installation team in mind – Ultralock™ being a very simple yet secure push-pull connection ideal for those tight locations – part of brightVision technology is the top-mounted bright LEDs and the significantly better visible light spot for simplified alignment of the sensor/reflector.

To complete the picture of this superb new opto-sensor from Leuze Mayser is a hardwear housing to IP67 and a universal mounting arrangement that enables companies to up-grade to the PRK 46B at any time.

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