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OTR Tyres offer more than just industrial tyres to Waste Management industry

OTR Tyres Ltd, one of the world’s leading earthmover tyre specialists, are
offering the Waste Management industry ‘much more than just tyres’.
Exhibiting at RWM again this year OTR promoted not just their range of new
and retread solid, cushion and pneumatic tyres but demonstrated the benefits
of OTR Tyre Hire, a service exclusively designed for the waste management

Steve Clipperton, OTR’s Waste Industry Manager, stated: "We have been
working with our customers in the waste industry for many years, addressing
their key problem areas – punctures, downtime and wear rates – which all add
up to tyre cost per hour. Our management solutions – no matter what size of
organisation – are focused on that key issue."

The OTR Cushion Tyre range drew attention both in it’s new and retread form.
"These tyres are resistant to cuts and damage and do not puncture, so are
most suitable for high hazard environments. With their excellent retreadability
and wear life, Cushion Tyres are contributing significantly towards the
industry’s drive for environmental sustainability. OTR have world class retread
manufacturing facilities and we are able to retread tyres from 24" to 49","
continued Steve.

Introduced at the show were the new range of Brawler Solid Cushion tyres
which are engineered to perform in the most extreme wear service
applications, and the elliptical apertures provide a softer ride which reduces
equipment and operator fatigue.

For a ride performance that resemble the pneumatic tyre OTR Fil tyres –
polyurethane filled puncture resistant tyres – offers a cost effective long-term
solution to tyre related machine downtime. Fil tyres are guaranteed 100% Fil
and can be retreaded up to three times, depending on casing quality – giving
further cost savings and environmental benefits on replacement tyres. The
OTR Fil service is available at depots throughout the UK.

Tyre management is perhaps where OTR offer much more than just tyres.
Management is bespoke – suited to site, vehicles and organisation, with
responsibility for tyres placed with OTR. Through regular onsite inspections
tyre wear and usage is monitored, tyres rotated, changed, repaired or
retreaded to reduce tyre operating costs and maximise tyre life. Offered on
fixed term, fixed cost basis, OTR’s tyre management service is designed to
suit the customers requirements no matter how large or how small, how
diverse or remote the operation.

With a network of strategically placed service depots and satellite units
throughout the UK, OTR respond quickly and efficiently to customer
requirements – minimising downtime and associated costs. OTR trucks have
the latest remote handling equipment, capable of handling 57" tyres and
onboard technology to ensure that tyre service is as safe and efficient as

"Despite the rain, RWM was a huge success for us. We have had many
enquiries for both the Fil and Cushion Tyre ReTreads, but the new Brawler
tyre we had on display has also had a lot of interest," concluded Steve.
OTR Tyres are, as part of the Kaltire group of companies, the largest
earthmover tyre service provider, globally.

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