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Our Olympic legacy could be a revolution in the way we deliver the goods’ DHL’s Graham Inglis is new CILT President

The leading industry figure Graham Inglis, DHL Supply Chain’s CEO for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, is the new President of The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in the UK (CILT).

Graham Inglis, who was inaugurated at an event in London this week (22 May 2012) took the opportunity to call for an Olympics logistics legacy.

Graham succeeds former President Peter Hendy CBE, the Commissioner for Transport for London. Paying tribute to his predecessor, Graham Inglis said Peter Hendy’s role in planning for a successful transport and freight operation during the forthcoming Olympic Games could help produce a legacy of long-term benefit for the logistics industry.

Graham Inglis said: ‘This summer will test our road transport network like nothing before. But goods and services still need to be moved around. Deliveries to shops, businesses and homes still have to be made – on time.’

Mr Inglis said that the Games provided opportunities to demonstrate delivery arrangements that, if operated well, could establish themselves as an efficient and welcome means of future operation.

‘Night-time deliveries would take hundreds of vehicles off the road during the day and make a real contribution towards reducing congestion and air pollution. We have always known that – but convincing local authorities, and local residents, that night deliveries can be made with little noise or disturbance has always been a struggle.’

He added: ‘If we think night delivery is a model that can work for everyone’s benefit and to everyone’s satisfaction then it’s up to us to prove it. And what better opportunity do we have than this summer, when special temporary measures for the Olympics will allow some night deliveries to take place.’

Mr Inglis also suggested that the requirements for increased security and fewer deliveries during the Games could lead to smarter operations. He cited the Westfield shopping complex in Stratford where all store deliveries are delivered to a consolidation centre, and then delivered in one vehicle to the shops – one vehicle between them instead of one vehicle each.

He said: ‘It’s an Olympic powered innovation that works.’
Graham also revealed he will concentrate on transport safety during his Presidency. He is particularly concerned to further improve childrens’ awareness of safety around trucks.

CILT members attending the event were also addressed by guest speaker Mike Penning MP, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport.

Mike Penning told members that he was very pleased to hear the President’s commitment to enhance road safety, particularly regarding cyclists. He said that although many cyclists had experience of driving a car, few had driven a lorry and therefore could not always appreciate the potential difficulties involved.

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