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Over 50 batteries under one

MFI the well-known and highly respected producer and retailer of major household furniture and fittings.

The MFI group have MASH-B automatic battery change systems operating in three of their primary distribution locations. All three locations are handling a mix of batteries from order picker, powered pallet, reach, VNA and counter balanced trucks.

All three systems had to be tailored to suit the needs of each site, however to demonstrate how the MASH-B system can fully utilise unexpected areas, MFI's Lilliput Road location at Brackmills Northampton shows just how such an area, that might not previously have been considered, can be transformed into safe and efficient battery charging area.

John Cornish long time head of MFI's materials handling department, was anxious to re-organise the training facilities for forklift and other equipment operators, and to introduce full mechanical changing of batteries. Ironically

the area John had in mind for the training facility was at the time being used as a manual battery changing area.

John Cornish called MASH-B in to examine what might be done to mechanise the battery changing and where best to site it. By coincidence close to the main charging area was a mezzanine floor carrying an equipment stores and workshop, below the mezzanine was an area being partly used for charging batteries.

The area had a number of support pillars for the workshop above and a few other obstructions. However after due deliberation and calculation it was agreed the area could be well utilised using a MASH-B powered battery change & store system to locate all fifty plus spare batteries. MFI decided to proceed and duly placed the order.

The Space-Maker modular racking system is our copyright design, its flexibility allows the placing of battery supports in positions that fully utilise the available space, and drastically cuts the distance between each battery.

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