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Oxford University launches an innovative Leadership Programme in Sustainable Transport

From March 2013, the University of Oxford is launching an innovative short-course programme in sustainable transport www.conted.ox.ac.uk/transport. The programme is designed to provide the leaders of tomorrow with the necessary knowledge and expertise, supported by the latest research evidence to address the complexity of the issues associated with making transport sustainable. The programme is run by the University’s world-renowned Transport Studies Unit (TSU) in collaboration the UK Chartered Institute of Transport and Logistics (CILT).

The launch is timely in the light of the current transport challenges facing the UK Government. Devising and implementing sustainable transport policy is not made easy when economic priorities are dominant. The continuous tension within the coalition government with regard to airport expansion in the South East, including the proposal for a third runway at Heathrow Airport, the new High Speed Rail link between London and Birmingham, and concerns over the feasibility of introducing electric vehicles to the UK’s road network are just some of the pressing issues that both the private and public sectors are grappling with.

The new short-course programme will offer the latest research evidence, conceptual thinking and innovation on sustainable transport planning. Sessions will focus on topics such as changing demography and urbanisation, indicators of sustainability, social impact and equity analysis, climate science, visioning, scenario building and back-casting and demand-side/supply chain management. Each will comprise a number of lectures from leading international experts, drawn from academic, policy and industry backgrounds as well as a range of interactive seminars and workshops to help participants in defining their roles and contributions now and in the future.

The courses will be taught by leading academic, policy, business and industry experts offering a wide range of disciplinary perspectives and international experiences. Participants will also benefit from the opportunity to create valuable networks within the relevant professional and academic sectors. Participants will receive practical workshops as well as lectures, seminars and visits from distinguished international experts drawn from a range of backgrounds and global contexts. Each of the 6 courses is CPD accredited and certified by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport.
The programme offers 6 intensive, 4-day residential courses covering a range of topics: ‘New Technologies and Changing Behaviours’; ‘Governance, Policy and Local Delivery’; ‘Global Networks and Logistics’; ‘Infrastructure, Development and Finance’; ‘Health, Wellbeing and Urban Mobility and ‘Energy and Climate Change’.

Professor David Banister the Director of Oxford’s TSU, said:
‘This programme represents a fantastic opportunity for future international leaders with an interest in transport to come together and discuss some of the most pressing issues facing modern societies. Efficient and sustainable transport networks are critical to the success of the global economy, yet managing transport is not just about creating the infrastructure, but also understanding the much bigger context that embeds transport in issues like globalisation, social justice, resource scarcity, and climate change’.
Dr Karen Lucas the Course Director, added:
‘Transport is literally the lifeblood of any modern city. It connects people to their work, their social lives and other essential activities. But it can also just as easily damage people’s health and well-being, and seriously undermine the quality of the physical environment. Our research has demonstrated that a wide range of professionals are now charged with the responsibility for transport decision-making around the world. This programme aims to provide them with the latest thinking and skills needed to tackle the major challenges they face now and in the future. The Programme will draw on Oxford’s world-class, ground-breaking research and global examples of best practice’.

For further information and instructions on how to apply, please visit www.conted.ox.ac.uk/transport
Lucy Mahoney
Transport Studies Unit
Email: transport@conted.ox.ac.uk
01865 285167

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