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Oxo-degradable raisin packaging for Whitworths

Raisins to be cheerful

FFP Packaging Solutions of Northampton, one of the UK's leading flexible packaging manufacturers, has produced new 8-colour high quality flexo printed OPP laminate packaging for Whitworths new 'Sunny Raisin' range of flavoured and coated raisins. The new packaging is oxo-degradable, disintegrating in the ground under the influence of the surrounding environment.

Whitworths is a major producer of both culinary and snacking fruit products, many of which find their way into the lunch boxes of the nation's children. Whitworths were keen to have a visual pack delivering the best environmental option currently available when designing 'Sunny Raisin', a range of five flavoured and coated raisin varieties aimed fairly and squarely at children and by implication, their Mums. Whitworths decided that the best way to go was to choose a degradable material and approached FFP Packaging Solutions in Northampton to develop a pack for them.

FFP's 'Estergreen' range has been created to provide customers with more environmentally friendly packaging. Estergreen is both a range of packaging and a protocol, a process through which FFP will propose the most environmentally positive packaging solution, based on the production, logistics and shelf-life requirement of the product. Solutions may include, for example, a change of material for light-weighting of the pack or removal of a laminate structure, or a sustainable instead of an oil-based material, or a recycled product.

In this instance, following Whitworths pack brief, FFP developed a laminate of oxo-degradable OPP, a material that will disintegrate over a period of time, breaking down to tiny fragments. Alternatively, the energy of the pack can be recovered through incineration. The attractive and appealing range of five designs was printed high-quality flexo after digital repro in eight colours, and is visually and in production indistinguishable from a more conventional material.

Commenting on the development, Mark Oaten, Packaging Development Manager at Whitworths, said: “As a substantial user of flexible packaging, Whitworths take their environmental responsibilities seriously. Although more expensive, we felt the investment in degradable packaging worthwhile. We are delighted that FFP have been able to respond so well to our requirements, providing what we felt to be the best environmentally positive solution available without affecting production and whilst keeping within the pack brief.”

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