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Oxygen Electric CargoScooter introduces the zero emissions Commercial Delivery Scooter

The Oxygen electric CargoScooter has been designed for commercial use, with exceptional carrying capacity and state-of-the-art Lithium-ion batteries, helping companies save money and lower their carbon footprint.

Well known in Europe, but new to the UK, the Oxygen electric CargoScooter is the two wheel delivery vehicle of choice for the Swiss Post Office, one of the most efficient postal organisations in the world. The current Swiss Post fleet is 2,000 Oxygen scooters, making it the largest electric vehicle fleet in the world.

Oxygen’s success with the Swiss Post is testament to the cost effectiveness, durability and reliability of this sturdy commercial delivery vehicle, which can carry 70kg of load in the rear cargo box plus 20kg up front, and is often required to pull a trailer as well!

Easy to use and ideal for businesses that require quick and easy deliveries, a full battery charge costs less than 50p, using a standard 3-pin 13amp plug. Being electric there are no petrol or diesel charges and no time consuming refuelling and management of fuel costs.

The Oxygen electric CargoScooter is exempt from road tax charges, so further savings can be made.

Class-leading Battery
The key to the Oxygen CargoScooter’s success lies in the use of state of the art lithium-ion batteries, which do not lose performance over time and maintain top performance for five years even if charged seven days a week.

A full charge takes 3 hours and may be reduced further thanks to the benefit of regenerative braking, which returns energy to the battery when the throttle is closed. The range on a full charge is 40 to 75 miles, depending on the battery option and the CargoScooter has a speed of 30mph (restricted) or higher depending on the business requirements.

Use inside and out
As it uses no flammable fuel, the electric CargoScooter can be safely ridden indoors at depots and warehouses, for loading/unloading directly on or off the scooter, which again cuts down on time. The Oxygen is whisper quiet so may also be used in noise sensitive areas.

Durable and Reliable
The CargoScooter has a heavy duty frame, with side impact and handlebar protection.

The rider and scooter are protected by lateral bars, both along the bodywork and built into the handlebars. Even if the scooter were to be put on its side the panels do not come into contact with the ground, so there are no replacement part costs incurred. The steel frame is strong and reinforced to take the extreme loads required by commercial deliveries, but still remains easy to handle and a reverse gear increases manoeuvrability.

With only one moving part in its direct drive motor, the Oxygen CargoScooter offers exceptional reliability, low maintenance and minimum operating costs.

Prices start from £4,150 plus VAT, including a full two-year warranty, which covers the super efficient lithium-ion batteries. An additional +2-year warranty is also available.

The 4kw version is classed as a moped and may be ridden by 16 years olds and car licence holders. A 6kw option is also available, which is equivalent to a 125cc.

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