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Oxygen S p A introduces zero emission Oxygen Electric CargoScooter to the UK

Italian manufacturer, Oxygen S.p.A., introduces their two wheel cargo vehicle to the UK, the Oxygen Electric CargoScooter. Using state of the art Lithium-Ion batteries, this green vehicle is easy to use, whisper quiet and most importantly, is cost effective so commercial users can save money as well as lower their carbon footprint.

Fleet operators should follow the example of the Swiss National Post Service, which has the largest fleet of electric delivery scooters in the world and these are all Oxygen CargoScooters, saving the planet from over 1,250 tons of CO2 each year.

Unlike many other electric scooters, the hi-tech Lithium-Ion batteries used in the Oxygen electric CargoScooter will not lose performance over a long period of time, maintaining high performance for 2,000 charges – that’s over five years even if fully charged seven days a week. This is class leading battery performance, backed up with a 2-year guarantee, which is unmatched in the electric two wheel vehicle market.

Battery power, zero emissions and no flammable liquids, gives the Oxygen CargoScooter access to inside areas, such as aircraft hangars, warehouses and delivery depots where many other vehicles would be forbidden and there is of course, no cost involved in travelling in London’s congestion zone. This versatile delivery vehicle has a carrying capacity of 90 kilograms, plus driver, and a range of up to 120 kilometres.

The CargoScooter offers exceptional stability due to its extremely low centre of gravity. Rider protection is also paramount with lateral and hand protectors and sturdy, heavy duty frame.

There is only one moving part in its direct drive motor, which contributes to exceptional reliability, low maintenance and minimum operating costs. This all electric, zero emission scooter, in addition to its environmental benefits, could save fleet operators hundreds of pounds per vehicle over four years, compared to a conventional small capacity scooter. Savings can only increase as fuel costs inevitably rise, plus many man hours are saved by not having to regularly refuel.

The stylish Oxygen CargoScooter is available with a number of options to suit every customer. In addition to the standard cargo box at the rear, there is the option of a cargo box or steel basket at the front. Customers may choose from a range of boxes, with the option to brand with company name and logos. Utility and energy companies should lead the way in sustainable and zero emission transport and this delivery vehicle really fits the bill.

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