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P2.0SE Hyster platform pallet trucks

Not all pallet truck operators require the high specifications found on the Hyster P2.0S pallet trucks. Responding to customer feedback, Hyster has announced the introduction of a platform pallet truck that performs perfectly in less intensive applications.
Manufacturing and warehousing operations vary across all sectors of industry which is especially true when it comes to the number of pallet movements per site. The use of a pedestrian/rider pallet truck will differ significantly even within the same company. For example, some operations require the movement of heavy loads over long distances, with constant movement loading and unloading vehicles up and down ramps for a full shift. Other operations may use a truck for only 2 hours a day in a confined area.

Hyster's popular Spectrum P2.0S was designed to provide exceptional performance in a variety of different applications, especially for heavy usage. The pedestrian/rider pallet truck is packed with features that benefit the overall operation and productivity, such as fast acceleration, 10.5km/h dual speed operation, power steering and progressive stiffening when cornering. Hyster has taken the development benefits of this truck and developed a new model for a group of customers who don't have the same intensity of operation.

The P2.0SE recently launched by Hyster retains the same chassis, ergonomic design and dependable quality as the standard model, however its performance has been tuned to match the needs of the less intensive application.
Robert O'Donoghue, General Manager for Hyster Warehouse Products explains “The P2.0SE has all the main characteristics of the P2.0S but with reduced maximum speed and mechanical steering. This is designed to provide the optimum balance between investment cost and performance for lighter application customers.”

Customers will still benefit from the easy operation of the dual control tiller head, non-slip suspension platform, back or side rider supports and the low lifetime costs associated with all Hyster products.
Full details are available from local Hyster distribution partners.

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