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PALFINGER presents new SOLID – Range PK 17.001 SLD 1 / PK 17.001 SLD 3 / PK 19.001 SLD 5

With the product launch of the new „SOLID“ models PK 17.001 SLD 1, PK 17.001 SLD 3 and PK 19.001 SLD 5 we will replace the existing models PK 16001,
PK 16001-K and PK 18001 EH. SOLID stands for robust, easy and reasonably priced cranes.

SOLID models are offered in three different configurations.

The PK 17.001 SLD 1 is the NON-CE entry level model and is delivered without overload protection in basic version. An optional electro-hydraulic overload protection and a top seat control are available.

The PK 17.001 SLD 3 is already equipped with Paltronic 50 in the basic version and available as NON-CE and CE-Version. A 2.5t rope winch on the knuckle boom is an available option.

The top-version of the three SOLID models is the PK 19.001 SLD 5. It is equipped with Paltronic 50, E-HPLS, radio remote control and a load-sensing control valve.

Technical data: The PK 17.001 SLD 1, PK 17.001 SLD 3 and PK 19.001 SLD 5 are available with up to five hydraulic extensions and offer a hydraulic outreach of up to 14,8m. The PK 17.001 SLD 1 and PK 17.001 SLD 3 provide a lifting moment of 16,8mt, the PK 19.001 SLD 5 even reaches 18,5 mt.

Characterised feature of the new SOLID models is the reverse linkage system with single linkage, the so called Single Link Plus.

Single Link Plus:. Equipped with Single Link Plus, crane operation is possible even in restricted spaces. Thanks to the upward angled boom system the working range of the crane and thus the range of applications is extended considerably. Heavy duty work is possible even under difficult conditions. When resting the arm system on the platform of the truck, the overall height is reduced.

E-HPLS. Increased profitability in use. With the E-HPLS it is possible to reduce the crane’s working speed and simultaneously increase the lifting power if required. Maximum power – when it really matters.

HPSC-E. The sensors of the system developed by PALFINGER to monitor the vehicle’s stability enable variable positioning of the stabilizers. The crane exploits the maximum lifting power in every position. The full performance and efficiency of the HPSC system with reduced scope of delivery. HPSC-E offers the full performance of the HPSC top system for an attractive price.

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