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Palintest switch to SDS Professional

Palintest switch to Safeware Quasar’s SDS Professional as their preferred solution for classification and production of Safety Data Sheets.

Dr David Ellis of Palintest said: "We’d been having a bit of bother with the previous package we were using, and the Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor at another firm we work with had raved about Safeware."

Palintest is a world leader in water analysis technology, and the company designs and manufactures products for monitoring water quality. Palintest required a classification system to validate, store and manage their incoming data as well as complete transportation documentation.

Dr Ellis goes onto say "The old package that was replaced by SDS Professional, didn’t have any way of doing the transport element – the DGSA had to calculate it all and send it to another department for review. Depending on what he was doing it could take a week to produce one sheet. Now the software allows us to do that in one go and its minutes rather than days to complete it."

"We looked at a lot of packages and to be honest we were close to going with another one, but Hazi Mistry at Safeware organised a demonstration showing how their programmes worked and we were blown away by it."

"The help and support we’ve had is fantastic. Safeware have fallen over themselves to help."

Hazi Mistry Managing Director of Safeware commented "We have been approached by more and more companies who have been let down by their existing SDS software suppliers. We are finding these solutions either cannot keep up with the regulations or simply lack the in-depth regulatory expertise, especially with the introduction of CLP/GHS. Companies like Palintest are now switching to Safeware as the preferred supplier to ensure they can meet their current as well as future compliance objectives."

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