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Pallet and container pooling solutions provider CHEP, announces signing of a two-year contract with Kimberly-Clark

CHEP, global provider of pallet and container pooling solutions, announced today the signing of a two-year contract with Kimberly-Clark, a personal care products global sales leader. Kimberly-Clark will convert all of its white exchange pallet flows in Turkey to CHEP pooled pallets.

Kimberly-Clark, Logistics Manager, Akin Hakan said: "The purpose of this partnership with CHEP is to improve our competitive edge by reducing expenditures on pallet management and logistics.

"We were investing a significant amount of money to buy our own pallets under the white wood exchange system to transport our products, but getting pallets back was not cost-effective and the money we spent on pallets was basically lost. Besides that, our customers have welcomed this decision warmly."

Switching to CHEP from white pallets exchange reduces environmental impact. Through the CHEP pooling system, users of pallets, crates and containers are able to reuse assets continuously, reducing the consumption and waste of raw materials, while the optimised network increases efficiency and reduces emissions associated with transportation.

Kimberly-Clark manufactures a broad range of consumer products, including Kleenex, Scott, Andrex, Huggies, Pull-Ups, Kotex, Poise and Depend. The company entered Turkey in 2005, achieving rapid growth with the Kotex brand for feminine hygiene products and the Depend brand for incontinence products.

Kimberly-Clark has designated Turkey as the export centre for the Huggies nappies and wipes brand. Huggies are exported from the Kurtkoy facility to 22 markets, including Russia, Ukraine and South Africa. Turkey, alongside Brazil, Russia, India and China are considered very important to Kimberly-Clark’s global growth strategy.

CHEP Turkey Country General Manager, Emir Guclu, stated: "We are very pleased to welcome Kimberly-Clark as a new CHEP customer in Turkey. CHEP continues to demonstrate its capacity for continued growth by attracting new customers through our offering of a diverse range of products and services, by increasing our level of collaboration with manufacturers, retailers and logistics service providers, and by our geographic expansion into seven more countries in Central & Eastern Europe."

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