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Pallet Chocks, the benefits, by Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Pallet Trucks UK

Chocks and pallet truck stops are some of the most essential pieces of equipment within a workplace. They help to prolong the life span of a pallet truck by keeping them in great condition for longer, and they cost much less than simply replacing a pallet truck every time it is damaged in transit. Pallet trucks are the integral force behind many workplaces, so it makes a great deal of sense for the managers of these businesses to keep them in great condition.

The freight, distribution and manufacturing sectors depend almost entirely on the functionality of pallet trucks, and as a result of their vast usage every day, from receiving goods in delivery bays to transporting them around warehouses, they often sustain some damage. Pallet truck chocks, or stops, can be kept in a good condition for longer, which can only be a positive for the managers of these industrial workplaces.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Pallet Trucks UK, one of the country’s leading suppliers of pallet trucks and manual handling equipment, says, "Using a pallet truck chock is one of the most efficient ways to protect a pallet truck when they are stationery. They prevent them from rolling around when not in use, reducing damage caused to pallet trucks and to other cargo which might be damaged in the process. They can have the effect of cutting costs dramatically for businesses, and they are a crucial tool which should be used whenever necessary to keep pallet trucks secure."

Pallet truck chocks are made from hard, rigid plastic, and they are renowned for being some of the most hardwearing products in the workplace, despite constant use in heavy-duty scenarios. They are suitable for use on any surface, including gentle inclines, uneven ground or non-slip flooring, due to the bonding grips on the bottom section of the chock. The weight of the pallet truck itself also works to hold the chock securely in place on any surface.

Keeping pallet trucks secure is also crucial in keeping the workforce safe while they carry out their jobs. If pallet trucks are kept safe and securely stowed when not in use, it is likely that their operators will also work with a modicum of safety. Without using chocks, those operating pallet trucks would need to drop the main wheels into a tyre when loading and unloading, which can cause back strain or a more serious injury if not carried out properly.

Pallet truck chocks not only prevent damage to trucks and vehicles, they can also help to keep the workforce safe. Without chocks, drivers or other staff members would have to drop the main wheels into a tyre, which often resulted in painful injuries and back strain. Pallet trucks also no longer need to be turned onto their side when in transit to prevent them from rolling over. For organisations which rely heavily on pallet trucks, and are attempting to cut down their outgoing costs on repairs, maintenance, spare parts and replacements, pallet truck chocks are a vital piece of equipment that can keep budgets looking healthy.

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